Types of Rocks In Suriname: A Guide to the 7 Most Common You’ll Spot

Surinam has rich mineral deposits and there are beautiful Surinamite, Kyanite, sandstone, gabbro, bauxite and precious metals.  Suriname’s most desirable rocks and minerals are found in the mountainous north and west area of the country.  The mining industry in Suriname focuses on gold, but they also export tin, copper, oil, and laterite.  Types of Rocks … Read more

Types of Rocks In Guyana: A Guide to the 5 Most Common You’ll Spot

Guyana is home to sandstone formed over volcanic rock like granite and basalt. Collectors may find sandstone, pink granite, tuff, quartzite, and migmatite samples. Precious stones and gems are rare in Guyana.  Guyana is home to tepui, flat top sandstone mountains that have formed when the larger sandstone deposit eroded away over time.  Consider hiring … Read more

Types of Rocks in Paraguay: A Guide to the 7 Most Common You’ll Spot

Paraguay is home to beautiful azurite, amethyst, white sandstone and volcanic rocks like basalt and marble. Most significant deposits of these beautiful rocks are found along the Paraguay river.  There have been stunning amethyst geodes uncovered in Paraguay and these are some of the most exciting finds for collectors.  Types of Rocks in Paraguay Disclaimer … Read more