How To Tell if Angelite Is Real (Tips For Beginners)

In this article, you’ll learn the basics of what you need to know about angelite, as well as how to identify it. How To Tell if Angelite Is Real (EXPLAINED) What Is Angelite?  Angelite, commonly known as anhydrite or angel stone, is a form of crystal or anhydrate made of calcium sulfate, not to be … Read more

Is Copper Ductile? (ANSWERED)

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Is Gold Ductile? (ANSWERED)

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Is Quartz Permeable? (ANSWERED)

No, Quartz is not permeable, at least not very permeable at all. It is important to know about the permeability of various rocks and minerals to best understand the quality of these substances in the first place. For those who have been curious about the permeability of Quartz, we have all the answers you have … Read more

Is Concrete Permeable? (ANSWERED)

Modern civilization is built on a foundation of concrete and steel. And despite what most people think, concrete is a permeable substance that allows both water and gas to pass into and through it. So, how is it possible that virtually every concrete structure we have built can withstand the onslaughts of moisture and gas … Read more

Is Coal Permeable? (ANSWERED)

No, coal is not permeable. In the article that follows, we’ll explain. Is Coal Permeable? (EXPLAINED) There is a commonly held belief that coal is permeable. Without becoming overly scientific or technical, permeability refers to how well fluids flow through the material. Water flows through sand pretty quickly and easily, oil takes a bit longer … Read more

Is Sand Permeable? (ANSWERED)

Yes, sand is permable. This article will explain why sand is permeable. We’ll start by looking at what makes something permeable in general, then discuss how water moves through soil particles or sedimentary grains, before finally stating why sand can be permeable under some set of conditions. Is Sand Permeable? (EXPLAINED) What Makes Something Permeable? … Read more

Amazonite vs Jade: What Are They, And What’s The Difference?

To the untrained eye, Amazonite and Jade (Nephrite or Jadeite) look similar and have been mistaken for a long time by people who do not know their gemstones. The two are in fact as opposite as night and day, except in general appearance. Let’s take a closer look at these two gemstones to determine in what … Read more