Can Olivine Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

Yes, olivine can scratch glass, though it really depends upon the formulation of the glass. In the article that follows, you’ll learn more about olivine, and why it may or may not scratch glass. Can Olivine Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED) Olivine rates about 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Glass, on the other hand, … Read more

Can Topaz Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

Yes, topaz can scratch glass. In the article that follows, you’ll learn more about topaz and why it is that topaz can scratch glass. Can Topaz Scratch Glass? (EXPLAINED) Topaz Hardness Topaz is the hardest naturally occurring gemstone mineral. It has a rating of 8 on Moh’s scale of hardness. This makes Topaz harder than quartz, … Read more

Can Titanium Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

Yes, titanium can scratch glass. Anything sturdier than glass can scratch it. But then, titanium, in its basic form, is not as hard as most other metals – it is just “very strong.” In this article, we’ll explain how it is possible that titanium, which is much lighter than steel and aluminum, can scratch glass. … Read more

Fowlerite: Identification, Uses, and Meaning

A mineral made of a zinc-bearing rhodonite, Fowlerite was named by Charles Upham Shepard in 1832 in commemoration of Dr. Samuel Fowler of New Jersey who was a physician who had a very large interest in science as well as business. He was also a US Congressman representing New Jersey from 1833 to 1837. He … Read more

Can Pumice Stone Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

Yes, pumice stone can scratch glass. In fact, the volcanic stone and powder are regularly used as an abrasive on glass, providing crafters and makers an ideal media with which to produce a fine grinding texture on porcelain and glass. This type of scratching can produce a frosted look or an opaque look that gives … Read more

Can Iolite Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

Iolite can go in water, though we don’t recommend that you soak or submerge any precious stone or crystal in water for extended periods of time. In the article that follows, you’ll learn more about iolite, and why it is that iolite is reasonably water safe. Can Iolite Go In Water? (EXPLAINED) What is Iolite? … Read more

Can Apatite Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

Yes apatite can go in water, though we do not recommend extended soaking of any rock, mineral, gem, or crystal. Apatite is in the middle of the range on the Mohs scale, with a hardness level typically at 5, on a scale where 10 is the hardest stone. This can make apatite a brittle stone … Read more

Can Topaz Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

No, topaz should not be immersed in water for any significant period of time. However, you may use water to clean this gem. In the article that follows, you’ll learn more about topaz, and why it isn’t really water safe. Can Topaz Go In Water? (EXPLAINED) Mineral Makeup Of Topaz Topaz forms in the cracks … Read more

Can Garnet Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

When it comes to exposure to water, garnets can be damaged by water over a long period of time. They should only be cleaned with soapy water and dried off quickly. Sitting too long can actually start problems. In this article, you’ll learn more about garnet, and why it is that garnet shouldn’t be left … Read more