Can Selenite Be In The Sun? (Yes, But…)

Yes, selenite can be placed in full sun. That being said, we don’t recommend it, as exposure to full sun can damage the exterior finish on the material, leaving it looking faded and dull.

In the article that follows, we’ll explain.

Explanation: Can Selenite Be In The Sun?

Yes, as we said, selenite can go in the sun.

Placing a stone/crystal in the sun is actually a long-practiced cleansing/charging method of those who utilize those materials in their lives.

However, some stones like selenite are vulnerable to the strength of the rays of the sun, and the extended exposure causes the surface of the stone to change and look less attractive.

Most selenite that is bought and sold commercially is not raw selenite.

The stones have been cut, ground, smoothed, and polished to look their best.

In many cases, a product of some kind (such as an oil or polishing compound) has been added to make the stone smoother, as well as shinier.

The addition of those compounds change the way the light reflects off the stone, and can make the color of the stone deeper and stronger (and more attractive).

In many cases, those polishing compounds are slightly tinted, giving the stone a little boost.

When you place a stone that has been finished with a product in the sun for extended periods of time, the rays of sun go to work on those products.

In most (if not all) cases, the finishing product does not react or bond with the molecules of the mineral.

The product just sits on top of the surface of the stone.

The suns rays cause the molecules of those products to break apart over time, little by little.

Thus, over time, as the product molecules come apart, the stone will look less shiny, less colorful.

They look faded and dull.

Further, if the sun is shining on the surface of the stone without the protection of the polishing compound or oil, the suns rays can also go to work on the molecules that make up the surface of the stone.

The sun can slowly break those bonds apart, so that the surface of the stone at the molecular level, slowly becomes something different (differing color, texture, appearance).

Sometimes the only way to return the stone to its previous luster is to grind off the exterior of the stone so that it can be refinished as it had been previously.

What If I Want To Put Selenite In The Sun?

Putting selenite in the sun is certainly your choice.

It is your stone, after all.

If you have a piece of selenite where the appearance of the stone is irrelevant to you or already damaged, you should then feel free to use the sun to cleanse or charge the piece.

If you have a piece that is still shiny and beautiful, you can put it in the sun.

But you should avoid the times of day when the sun is most direct (think about when you are most likely to experience sun burn).

The light around sunset and at sunrise is what we would choose.

And definitely limit the amount of time the stone is exposed to direct sunlight, only a few hours of time at most.

If Selenite Cannot Be In The Sun, What Are The Alternatives For Cleansing/Recharging?

Selenite is a self-cleansing stone.

Theoretically, selenite should not need to be cleansed.

That being said, some practitioners make a habit of cleansing their stones, especially when they first acquire the stone.

There are many methods of cleansing a stone or crystal.

Some of them, we do not recommend for selenite.

Selenite should not be cleansed by placing it in a water bath for any length of time. Selenite is water soluble, and the surface of the selenite will dissolve if left in a water bath for a long time.

In the same vein, selenite should not be placed in saltwater, as the water encourages the material to dissolve, and the salt dissolved in the water encourages the formation of fissures and cracks.

You can, however, put selenite in or on dry salt.

Other acceptable methods include placing the selenite outside in the light of the moon, burying the selenite in soil, placing selenite with other cleansing stones, meditating with the stone, and doing breath work on or over the stone.

In the end, your selenite crystal is yours to do with as you will.

You might feel like certain cleansing methods that we recommend against are necessary or important.

Crystals practice is extremely personal.

Do what feels right to you, so long as you understand the potential outcomes for the integrity and appearance of your stones.

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