Why Is Peridot So Expensive?

Peridot is a gem that is commonly found in rocks and lava; however, it can be challenging to find affordable peridot jewelry.

Larger and more beautiful peridot gems are scarce, which impacts the market globally.

Continue reading to find out more about Peridot.

Why Is Peridot So Expensive?

Peridot is not the most expensive gemstone.

It is actually quite affordable when compared to other stones.

The price of Peridot can vary drastically based on the size, color, and quality.

For example, you can find a silver ring with a small Peridot for less than $30.

You can find a Peridot stone that costs about $80 per carat.

However, if you are interested in the best quality Peridot stone, it may cost as much as $450 per carat.

The larger the stone means, the better it is able to maintain the deep color. 

What is Peridot?

Peridot is one of only a few gemstones that are found in only one color.

It is green; however, the shade of green changes based on the quality and contents of the stone.

As a result, it can appear more yellow or as dark as olive.

The amount of iron in the Peridot is what determines its shade of green.

The color of the stone does not come from impurities, which is how gems typically get their color.

Instead, Peridot receives its color from the chemical composition, iron in this case, within the stone.

The more vibrant peridot stone contains between 10 to 15 percent iron.

It is one of the oldest gemstones as it has been mined for over 4,000 years. 

You will rarely see Peridot with inclusions.

It is an inexpensive stone by comparison to others, and a clean and clear stone is the standard when purchasing a Peridot stone.

There is no limit to the cut and style of the gemstone.

Since this is generally an inexpensive stone, cutters focus on its beauty and cut it in various styles, including fantasy cuts and tumbled beads.

Peridot is a hardy gem with a hardness factor of 6.5 – 7. It typically requires no treatment.

You do not have to do anything special to clean it.

Warm soapy water is all it takes to have a sparkling clean gem. 

Where Can Peridot Be Found?

Peridot can be found throughout the world in mineral form, which is Olivine.

However, it is the jewelry grade gem that miners and consumers want. 

The Ancient Egyptians were the first to mine Peridot from an island in the Red Sea.

These early stones were used as beads or for talismans.

That island is now called St. John’s Island.

Previously, the island was called Topazios Island.

Topazios is a Greek word for gem.

Back in the early days of mining Peridot, the miners did not work during the day because they believed the stone was invisible.

They thought the stone absorbed the light of the sun and released the light in the dark; basically, they believed Peridot would glow in the dark.

Thus, Peridot is often called the gem of the sun, even though it does not glow as a result of absorbing light. 

Peridot can still be found around the world. Larger stones are found in Pyaung Gaung, in the Mogok Stone Tract of Burma.

A new deposit was found in the Suppatt region of Pakistan in the 1990s.

This area remains the main source of the gemstone.

It is also found in Norway, Brazil, Australia, and China.

In addition, it can be located on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in the United States. 

How is Peridot Used?

For generations, Peridot has thought to bring about good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Many cultures have believed Peridot to have mystical powers.

They also believed that if the stone was set in gold or any other precious metal, it was able to bring even more fortune and luck.

That is the reason why many aristocracy and rich landowners have sword handles and goblets that were encrusted with Peridot.

They believed that drinking from these goblets would turn the liquid into a potion that would create greatness within them.

They believed that using encrusted swords would give them strength on the fields of battle. 

Today, Peridot is still believed to have positive spiritual energy.

Practitioners believe it to be a stone which brings balance, strength, and peace to the person that wears it.

It is thought to bring balance to the mind and body while unlocking creativity and boosting your mood.

It is used in all types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, and earrings. 

Peridot is also found in crystals.

These crystals are related to the fourth chakra, which is the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is linked to love, affection, and compassion.

It is supposed to help you listen to your heart and follow it.

Peridot is believed to stimulate the solar plexus, which is the part of the nervous system that allows organs to function correctly and balance the heart. 

What are the Different Types of Peridot?

Changbai Peridot

The Changbai Peridot is mined in the Changbai Mountain Range, located in Northeast China.

Many consider this the finest Peridot in the world.

The Peridot mined in this area has a deep green color and vibrant lime.

They do not have inclusions, and a carat is an average size. 

Pakistani Peridot

This Peridot has a lighter green color but is bright and vibrant.

It is usually lime or apple green color with some gold undertones.

This stone is well polished and had facets for enhanced beauty.

It is mined in Kashmir, which has extreme weather and high altitude.

Therefore, this tends to be a more expensive Peridot. 

Hunan Peridot

The Hunan Peridot does not have any yellow in it. It is incredibly clear.

It comes from Hunan, a southeastern province of China.

This stone must be cut properly and can have brilliance resembling a diamond. 


It is not hard to understand why many people want this beautiful stone.

While it is the birthstone for those born in the month of August, it is regarded by many as a highly coveted gem. 

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