Why Is Moldavite So Expensive? (ANSWERED)

Getting your hands on a piece of moldavite is expensive because of its difficulty to excavate and limited availability here on planet earth.

In the article that follows, you’ll learn about moldavite and why it costs what it does.

Why Is Moldavite So Expensive? (EXPLAINED)

This unique crystal isn’t really a crystal at all, but a type of glass that originated from an asteroid impact more than 5 million years ago.

With its extraterrestrial origin, exclusivity, and transformative healing capabilities, moldavite is one of the most sought-after crystals to add to your collection.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is actually a tektite –  a class of impact glasses formed by meteorite impacts.

Geologists also classify it as a mineraloid – a natural, yet inorganic, solid that does not have a crystalline structure.

These otherworldly stones are sought after by both mineral and gemstone enthusiasts, as well as those who are interested in New Age spirituality and Astrology. 

Similar to other glasses, Moldavite has a Mohs Hardness of 5.5 to 7, and is easily breakable.

Most pieces you’ll find are a beautiful, mossy green color with a matte finish, and translucent, often with swirls and bubbles visible beneath the surface. 

When looking to purchase moldavite, beware of fakes!

Because of the expense involved in obtaining moldavite, a lot of pieces on the market  are actually man-made glass imitations –  especially larger pieces, faceted and used in jewelry.

Be especially cautious with any piece larger than 2 carats and without visible bubbles – it is more than likely fake moldavite.

History of Moldavite

To really understand why moldavite is so expensive, we need to examine the history behind this unique crystal. 

It’s believed that  moldavite originated 15 million years  ago as a byproduct of an asteroid impact in Europe that  sent the  glass flying across the fields of Germany, Austria, and the  Czech Republic. 

The asteroid split into two pieces before impact, leaving behind what is  known as the Rise and Steinem Craters  in southeast Germany.

The impact was so intense and hot that it disintegrated the asteroid, and caused the particles to harden instantly in the air and fall to the earth.

Today, and after millions of years since its creation, most of the moldavite has been buried away or eroded over time.

What’s left is mined out of small areas around the craters, but  mostly in the Czech Republic.

Miners must dig down into the sediments of the  middle to upper Miocene Age to uncover the small, droplet-sized pieces. 

In the last decade, the interest in moldavite has grown especially within spiritual because of the stone’s incredible transformational benefits.

Benefits of Moldavite

Moldavite is unique in that its creation is a result of the fusion between extraterrestrial energy and Mother Earth, and is also known as the “Stone of Transformation.”

Archeologists have uncovered amulets for fertility and abundance made from moldavite from the Neolithic period in 25,000 B.C.

In fact, the oldest  piece of art ever uncovered, “The Venus of Willendorf,” – a statue of the goddess – was found buried with amulets and tools made of moldavite. 

It’s no coincidence that the early humans worshipped the stone as a gift from the gods to aid in their journeys here on earth.

While the benefits of stones and crystals (and the energies of said materials) are in question and lack scientific support, many people believe strongly that moldavite is a powerful material.

There are those who do not hesitate to claim that moldavite has an extremely intense and high-vibrational energy that is immediately apparent to those sensitive to it the moment it is held in the hand.

Known as “moldavite flush,” the energy is said to radiate from the crystal, sending vibrations and tingles throughout the body!  

Because the stone is though to be strong, it is recommend that when using moldavite, the user takes time to get used to handling the stone or even keeping it nearby.

For some, the high vibration can be so overpowering that it can leave many feeling lightheaded and spacey.

For those who are concerned about the strength of the stone, it is recommended to gradually start wearing it to get used to the vibrations. 

Another useful recommendation is to carry another grounding crystal, like black tourmaline or aegirine, to help stabilize you.

Moldavite is said to be extremely beneficial as a meditation and dreamwork aid, and is purported to help increase sensitivity to guidance from your higher self and for tuning into your intuition.

When working with chakras, moldavite is used for balancing the crown, third eye, and heart chakras.

It is thought to inspire creative solutions to problems that arise and aid in bringing up lost memories that are ready for healing.

Moldavite’s energy is said to open perception and awareness, and aid in releasing what no longer serves our highest good.

As with most green crystals, moldavite’s best work is with opening and expanding your heart chakra, and for aligning you with your highest purpose. 

But because of moldavite’s high vibrational frequency, it actually works on all the chakras in your body.

When this happens, all your chakras activate at the same time and can cause an emotional release.

Some people experience this the first time they hold moldavite, too.

Don’t be too surprised if you suddenly feel overcome with tears or laughter – it’s just moldavite activating, healing, and releasing all that no longer serves you!

Care of Moldavite

Like most other glasses, moldavite is very fragile and will break easily.

While it can be worn as jewelry, earrings and pendents are recommended for less chance of damage. 

To keep your moldavite’s energy working for  you, you’ll also want to cleanse it now and then.

Just like your clothes, your crystals can pick-up unwanted energies or cloudiness and regular cleansing will keep them working their best.

To  cleanse moldavite, we suggest putting it outside or on your windowsill during the full moon or cleansing  with incense or sage.

This  will restore your crystal back to its original state.

There are  other ways to  cleanse  using water and soil as well, but we suggest  not  using salt due to the fragility of the  stone.

Final Thought

Yes, moldavite is expensive because of its limited supply, the growing demand, and the scarcity of places to find it.

However,  if you can find  yourself a real piece and avoid fakes, it’s one of the most  unique pieces you can add to your crystal collection!

And for  those of you on a spiritual journey, moldavite is a powerful ally that you may want to have in  your pocket!

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