Where To Find Flint In Georgia: A Guide To The 7 Most Likely Places

Finding flint can be a difficult task.

I have taken into consideration where hunters are most likely to find it based on the location’s popularity for either mining or finding flint.

Where To Find Flint In Georgia: A Guide


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Flint Ridge

Flint Ridge is located in northwest Georgia and has been mined extensively since the 1800s.

This location is ideal for finding flint because of its long history as a mining hub and close proximity to many different bodies of water.

The flint at the Flint Ridge is of excellent quality, and it was used by Native Americans to make tools and weapons.

The ridge was also mined during the Civil War, and Union soldiers used the flint to make ammunition.

Today, Flint Ridge is a popular tourist destination.

Visitors can explore the abandoned flint mines and see artifacts from the site.

There is also a museum on-site which showcases flint tools and arrowheads from Flint Ridge and other flint mines in the area.

Those tools and arrowheads from the site are popular souvenirs for visitors to the area.

Those who wish to hunt for flint themselves will do well to ask locals for ideas.

The staff at the museum have also been reported as being very helpful in this respect.

Paulding County

Located just north of Atlanta, Paulding County offers some great opportunities for finding flint, such as the Etowah River, which has a long history of flint mining.

Paulding County is also home to the Dallas Flint Quarry, which was once one of the largest quarries in the country and produced over two million pounds of flint every year.

Today, this quarry is open to the public for anyone who wants to go hunting for their own supply of flint.

The downside to Paulding County is that it is a very popular location and can be quite crowded during peak times.

This may not be the best place for flint hunters looking for some peace and quiet while searching for their flint.

However, if hunters don’t mind sharing the hunting grounds with others, Paulding County is definitely worth visiting.

Etowah River

The Etowah River flows through Paulding and Cherokee counties and has been a popular location for flint mining for centuries.

This river offers great opportunities for finding both nodules and sheet flint.

The downside to hunting for flint in this area is that it can be quite difficult to find good quality material given the high population density in these counties.

However, flint can be found here in abundance for flint hunters who are willing to put up with a little crowding.

The Etowah River is home to the Etowah Indian Mounds Historic Site, a National Historic Landmark designated as an official State Archaeological Site.

The Etowah Indian Mounds are the only pre-Columbian site in Georgia that has been preserved for public display and interpretation.

For flint hunting at its finest and to take home some history along with some flint, flint hunters should make sure not to miss out on this location!

Chattahoochee River

This river runs through Atlanta before heading south toward Alabama.

It eventually merges with the Flint River (one of the other locations discussed below).

The flint found in this area is mined near the midpoint of the river’s course.

Many flint hunters head to South Fulton County, where flint can be easily accessed along either side of the Chattahoochee River’s shores.

The flint here can vary greatly depending on which bank the flint hunter has chosen to look at and how far up or downstream that particular location may be.

Anyone can make some great finds here, but there are also a lot more people hunting for flint even compared to other locations I’ve mentioned.

Flint River

This is one of Georgia’s most popular flint-producing rivers since it flows through three different counties (Catoosa, Dade, and Walker) that are all known for their flint deposits.

The Flint River is also noted for its high-quality flint, which makes it a popular destination for flint hunters from all over the country.

This river has been mined extensively for generations, and there are many different areas along its length where there is good quality flint to find.

One downside to hunting along the Flint River is that it’s a fairly large river and can be quite difficult to navigate in some areas.

However, with a little bit of effort, it is definitely possible to make some great flint finds here.

Withlacoochee River

The Withlacoochee River is a major tributary of the Suwannee and runs through both Lowndes and Brooks counties.

This flint can be found all along its length, but is most commonly mined around Valdosta in Lowndes County.

This flint varies greatly depending on what part of the river the hunter is mining and can range from thin flakes to thick lumps that are about as big as the fist of a grown adult!

There aren’t many people hunting for flint here, so this location provides some great opportunities for those who want to go out into nature by themselves or with friends without having to worry too much about interruptions.

Flint Creek

Although flint is found throughout the state, it’s not all that common for the average hobbyist to find it outside of those five locations I’ve already mentioned.

However, there are still some great opportunities available for those who know where to go.

One example of an often-overlooked location with flint deposits is Flint Creek, located near Dawsonville in Forsyth County.

This creek originates within Amicalola Falls State Park and flows into Lake Lanier before joining up with the Chattahoochee River just south of Cumming.

Flint Creek is a great place to find flint and is easily accessed from both the park and the lake.


And there it is–my guide to the seven places flint hunters are most likely to find flint in Georgia.

For anyone looking to find the best opportunities to locate, find or quarry flint to cart off home as trophy, these are definitely the places that ought to be checked out.

Good luck when next flint hunting.

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