What Does It Mean When Malachite Breaks?

Interpreting the meaning when it comes to stones is somewhat of a speculative science.

We doubt that you’ll find to any two people in exact agreement.

Here’s our take on what it means when malachite breaks.

What Does It Mean When Malachite Breaks? (EXPLAINED)

What is Malachite Used For?

In general, the place we start for answering the question of what it means when malachite breaks is what the stone is being used for.

Different materials are known for for having different attributes, and individuals utilize the stones in a way that is unique and personal to themselves.

People know of malachite as being a “power stone,” meaning that its affects/impacts are strong rather than gentle. People hold it, wear it, and keep it around them to:

  • protect from psychic attack
  • alert to approaching danger
  • clear and activate chakras
  • stabilize
  • heal
  • feel emotionally balanced
  • encourage loyalty

  • strengthen relationships
  • open the heart to others
  • find life’s path
  • boost immune health
  • lower blood pressure
  • return strength to the body after illness

Ultimately, what you use malachite for will depend on the particular malachite stone, and the connection that you feel with it. Not every stone will work in the same way, even if every one is a piece of malachite. And not every stone will work in the same way for each individual either.

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When Malachite Breaks, It Means…

Thus, when malachite breaks, we don’t think that you can attribute one particular meaning to it, even if someone who claims to be experienced tells you to.

People are happy to tell you that the breaking, cracking, or other damage to the stone of any kind is indicating of danger, of impending doom, or of other things to worry about.

This type of response makes for good blog content, and good click-baity headlines to get your attention.


We take the position that the meaning of any breaking or cracking is more personal to you and the import that you place in having the stone on your person or in your home.

If you feel a strong connection to the stone as it relates to your physical health, then perhaps the changes to the stone are indicative of something that is going to happen.

Or it is a warning, and any ill portent could be avoided be focusing on your health and being extra diligent about caring for yourself.

Another thing to consider is that the stone has cracked or broken as the result of some other energy around you, resulting from your close association with another person or place. Or it is a warning for that someone.

Broken malachite can mean that something bad is going to happen soon to you or someone around you. But it doesn’t have to in every case.

What Should You Do If Your Malachite Breaks or Cracks?

As an initial matter, panic is definitely not the answer.

Instead, this is a good time for mediation, and reflection.

Take some time to examine your connection to the stone, and the areas of your life where you think the stone resonates. Often, you will see the connection.

And if you don’t, it could be because the reason the stone broke hasn’t happened yet. It might be more of a warning.

When the import does not make itself clear within a reasonable amount of time, this can be a good reminder to remain focused and centered. In the end, if the stone cracks or breaks and you cannot connect the dots to what it means, you’ll have to accept that you might never know what happened.

What Should I Do With the Broken Pieces?

Broken pieces of malachite are still valuable, as a material and also for its other metaphysical properties.

In most cases, the first thing we recommend is that you spend some time cleansing the pieces, and recharging them.

Return them to the earth for a period of time, allow them to sit in the moonlight, or nestle them in herbs.

Do the things that are personal to you, in the manner that would you normally work with the stone.

It is important to know that most malachite stones and jewelry meant to be handled or worn are sealed, meaning that the raw stone cannot touch your skin.

Malachite is high in copper, and that copper can be toxic to humans.

When a stone is broken, usually there will be unsealed edges of the copper rich malachite available for your skin to touch.

You won’t want to get water on the exposed raw stone, as it can create noxious fumes.

As you are working to cleanse them or re-work them, wear gloves or make sure to wash your hands after touching the pieces.

Moving forward, whether you decide to glue the pieces back together, wire them together, or put them in your pocket, you need to make sure to re-seal the exposed areas.

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Should I Replace the Broken Malachite?

Just because a stone is cracked or even split, does not mean that the material’s function or purpose no longer exists.

A piece of malachite split into three pieces could still function as well as one piece, or potentially even better when divided up into three.

We recommend that you wait to replace the malachite or obtain additional pieces until you’ve had time to live some more.

See if there are any discernable changes before and after the changes to the stone.

Use that information and your internal reflection to make the decision to look for more malachite (or not).

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