What is the Value of Mystic Topaz?

The difference in price is typically dependent on the quality, anywhere between $10-$500 per carat.

The cut, clarity, and color of the stone all play an important role in determining the value of this stone.

The following passage will help you discern and determine the average mystic topaz worth.

You will also learn how mystic topaz is made, where it can be found, and what it symbolizes.  

What is the Value of Mystic Topaz? (EXPLAINED)

What is Mystic Topaz? 

Mystic Topaz is a man-made gem. It is using real topaz and a chemical process.

The chemical process is known as CVD or chemical vapor’s disposition.

This process was used to make the stone more vibrant and beautiful.

The process involves placing a thin layer of titanium onto a topaz gemstone.  

How Is Mystic Topaz Different from Natural Topaz  

Natural or common topaz differs from mystic topaz in a variety of ways.

The most obvious difference is its appearance.

The natural state of topaz Is clear.

Natural Topaz has no color, however, impurities can naturally turn topaz a pale blue, golden brown, or yellowish-orange color.

These natural colors a stunning, however, many manufacturers choose to treat this stone to change the hues.  

Mystic Topaz sports iridescent rainbow hues.

These stones are typically treated to deepen the hue or make the color more vibrant.

This in addition to the iridescent colors, makes this stone a masterpiece.

Although the iridescent effects are beautiful they are not truly unique.

There are other stones that have an iridescent quality that can easily be mistaken for a mystic topaz.

You may also be able to tell the difference in stones based on the hardness level of the stone.  

How to Determine the Value of Mystic Topaz  

Determining the value of mystic topaz is just like determining the value of natural topaz.

To identify a valuable piece of topaz it must have good color, clarity, and cut.

These quality qualifications are true with any stone. Determining its value will come with practice and time.  

Color – The color in a mystic topaz stone should be vibrant and iridescent. The color is ty The more beautiful the color, the more valuable it is.  

Cut – The cut of the Mystic topaz is just as important as the color.

The cut can enhance the iridescence of the mystic topaz.

The key to finding a good cut is symmetry and multiple faces.

A cut with multiple surfaces can make the iridescent color more dynamic and appealing to the eye.

 Clarity – Last but not least is the clarity.

With any stone, it is important to have clarity, foggy, or blemish filled stones would not be considered a very valuable stone.

A stone that looks clean will be worth more than a stone that does not.

Natural topaz typically look clean to the eye and therefore is a great stone for crafting and other things.  

Why is Mystic Topaz price per carat between $10 and $500? 

Mystic topaz is a man-made stone that starts as a natural topaz.

Topaz isn’t a rare stone, however, it is a precious and beautiful one.

Finding stones of quality is not as common as finding natural topaz.

High-quality stones are more coveted and therefore will cost more than stones of lower quality.

Mystic topaz stones with vibrant color, clarity, and a beautiful cut will be worth a lot more than those without that quality.

This is why the range of price for the mystic topaz is so great.

When Mystic Topaz first hit the market in 1998, it cost anywhere from $20 to $40 per carat. 

The mystic topaz now costs up to $500 per carat, though you’ll find stones that cost a fraction of that due to poor clarity, cut, or color.

How do People use the Mystic Topaz ? 

Mystic topaz has many names.

Fire topaz and rainbow topaz due to the iridescent color in this stone.

This makes mystic topaz perfect for crafts such as jewelry making.

Mystic topaz looks beautiful on earing, bracelets, rings, and more.

You can make or purchase beautiful, high-quality jewelry with this man-made stone. 

The Durability of Mystic Topaz 

Mystic topaz is a hard stone.

It has a hardness of 8 according to the Moh’s scale.

This is a high rating.

This puts mystic topaz right above quartz and below corundum.

This hardness level means that scratches and blemishes will not easily find their way to this stone.

Unfortunately, with Mystic Topaz the titanium coating it receives can be afflicted over time.  

Although the stone itself is not prone to scratches and other abrasions the coating is.

This is why it is important to properly care for this stone and ensure you are using best practices.

Like a diamond, mystic topaz has something known as the perfect cleavage.

This means it can completely spit, like a diamond can if it were stricken.

To protect the stone it is best to have the gem set in a bezel setting, rather than in a pronged one.  

Symbolic and Mystic Properties of the Mystic Topaz  

Natural topaz has always been seen as a healing stone.

Individuals believe it has the power to address digestive problems, eye health, and many other illnesses.

It has also been believed that the person wearing topaz would be invisible to bad energy.

Mystic topaz is man-made and therefore, there are no additional symbolism or mystic properties for the stone, other than the ones attributed to that of natural topaz.  

What Does Mystic Topaz Cost?

Mystic Topaz’s price range is quite drastic.

The value of mystic topaz is between $10 and $500 due to quality differences.

A good-quality mystic topaz will cost more than a low-quality one. You can tell the difference based on the cut, color, and clarity of the stone.

Determining quality involves thoroughly inspecting the stone.

There are mystic topaz’s available in any price range.

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