8 Types of Rocks That Are Black (And Where You Can Find Them)  

In this article, you’ll learn about 8 types of black rocks and where they can be found.

8 Types of Rocks That Are Black


Magnetite is also known as lodestone, a combination of metamorphic and igneous rocks distinguished by its coarse-grained mineral composition.

The mineral components have a gray-black appearance, and some of them may appear to have a rusty coating.

Dodecahedrons or octahedrons are used to create a rocket shape with a strong magnetic attraction.

It has a hardness rating of approximately 6.

Black Diamond

A common misconception is that all diamonds are clear, white, and colorless.

This is not true. On the other hand, diamonds come in a variety of colors, including black.

Carbonado is a term used to describe a black rock in color due to the presence of carbon in the rock.

Several countries, such as the Central African Republic and Brazil, have large quantities of black diamonds readily available.

Due to the rarity of black diamonds, they are typically sold at a higher price.


Cassiterite is a shiny black rock commonly used in the production of jewelry and ornaments.

Deposits of these rocks can be found in large quantities in countries such as China and Bolivia.

Prices for them can be found in several European countries, including the Czech Republic, England, and Bohemia.


Titanium andradite is a black rock that contains titanium, which is why it is known as titanium andradite or titanium andradite.

The rock exhibits high refractive properties, which result in radiance and glossiness when viewed under bright light.

It is considered to have an opaque black appearance.

Because of the presence of iron in the rock, it can react to magnetism.

The rock is used in jewelry production and, in some cases, for purported medicinal purposes, such as the treatment of bronchial issues and the stimulation of blood production.

Traces of rock can be found in the US States, such as Arizona, Colorado, and California.

Other places where the rock can be found include Russia, Azerbaijan, Mali, Mexico, Germany, France, and Italy.

Black Sapphire

The rock is similar in appearance to a ruby, except that it is black in color.

When it is red, it is referred to as a ruby, but when it is black in color, it is referred to as a black sapphire.

The presence of black sapphire is due to impurities in the rock, even though it usually appears in shades of blue and green in most cases.

The black star sapphire is the most common type of black sapphire because it has the appearance of a star.

This phenomenon, known as asterism, occurs due to the presence of the minerals hematite and rutile in the environment.

Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and India are where this rock can be found.

Black Zircon

With its opaque and brown crystals, this is a sophisticated piece of rock.

Iron oxide and other impurities are responsible for the dark color of the liquid.

As a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight, the color of this rock darkens significantly.

Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, and Russia are among the countries where rock can be found.


Despite having ruby and sapphire characteristics, this rock is available in various colors, including gray, silver, and black, among others.

Hematite stone is believed by some to have metaphysical propreties, and it has been used as an alternative healing rock to treat stress, insomnia, and broken bones in various cultures for thousands of years.

There are several countries where the rock can be found in large quantities, including South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, India, Brazil, Australia, and China.


Augite is a dark igneous rock containing minerals such as black pyroxene, which gives it its name.

It is composed primarily of pyroxene and other silicates.

Aside from that, it contains traces of high-grade metamorphic rocks with rectangular cleavage that appear to be at an angle ranging between 87 and 93 degrees to the horizontal plane of the earth’s surface.

The rock has a hardness of between 5 and 6 on the Mohs scale.

Consequently, the rock has a low concentration of silica material and is composed primarily of meteorites and lunar basalts, as indicated by the low concentration.

Because its chemical, optical, and physical characteristics are unsuitable for any particular application, the rock, on the other hand, is of no commercial value at all.

The rock is believed to be a fragment of a meteorite, which are fragments of the moon or Mars launched into space due to large-scale geological and celestial events that significantly impact the earth.

The rock can be found in Wisconsin’s belt of Keweenawan extrusive and intrusive igneous traces, which includes the Keweenawan Mountains and other parts of the state.

Wrap Up

Black rocks may be found all over the globe, and the majority of them acquire their color and physical qualities due to the presence of impurities in their composition.

Magnetite, black diamond, cassiterite, melanite, black sapphire, black zircon, hematite, and augite are some rocks that fall into this category.

Tourmaline, onyx, shungite, and obsidian are some more black rocks you might want to check out.

While the vast majority of these rocks are volcanic rocks, some of them are a blend of metamorphic and igneous rocks discovered along with the lava belts.

Apart from Augite, which has no commercial value, the remaining rocks are used for various purposes, including the extraction of iron and magnetic properties, the manufacture of ornaments and jewelry, and medicinal purposes.

8 Types of Rocks That Are Black