Types of Rocks Found In New Jersey: A Guide To the 5 Most Common You’ll Spot

Many people consider New Jersey to be among the best places in America to find rocks or do rock hunting.

There is an abundance of minerals and rock specimens, some of them gems, that you will be able to find here.

The types of rocks found in New Jersey include amber, agates, geodes, and amethyst, just to name a few as a starting point.

They can be found all over the state of New Jersey, particularly near ocean beaches, old mines, and even along the shores of some New Jersey rivers.

Use this guide when you are looking for the types of rocks found in New Jersey.

Types of Rocks Found In New Jersey


Amber is a stone that looks as beautiful as the name implies.

It is an amber-colored rock that will glow gold when it is refined.

Amber is a hard stone that is the result of tree resin that has fossilized, which is what gives it its earthy and golden tone.

It has taken since the Neolithic period for amber to develop in New Jersey, and it is now used today in jewelry, New Age healing, and interior and exterior home décor.

It is a special stone that feels like royalty when you own or touch it.

In New Jersey, commercial amber is produced from the rocks of amber that are found there.

Amber is most abundant in the south of New Jersey, and you will find it in marl pits.

Some locations, such as Jean & Eric Edelman Fossil Park will allow you to search for it for a nominal fee.

You can also check the sand marls in Crosswick’s Creek, Oldman’s Creek, and Vincentown.

The town of Sewell is also a good location for amber hunters.


Agate is one of the most common rocks found in New Jersey.

This kind of rock is comprised of both quartz and chalcedony and is the product of rock formations between volcano and metamorphic rock.

This is a hard rock that polishes beautifully, and it is resistant to almost any kind of chemical immersion.

Its hardness makes it an ideal stone to be used for precision knives, but it is also used for dishwares such as mortars and pestles due to its ability to withstand heat, chemicals, and impacts such as crushing.

Agates are typically green as a result of their iron oxide component, which can create rust in time.

They can also be found in a variety of different colors depending on their location.

Still, commercially, they are frequently dyed or painted to match the needs of the industry using it.

Agates can be found across the state of New Jersey, starting in Bergen County, where you can find agates near basalt reserves and outcrops.

Snake Hill is a common area for agate hunters, where gravel areas are bound to contain some agates.

The Palisades is among the most common locations for rock hunters, and you will find some stunning agate rocks here if you search carefully.


A geode is a rock that looks like a primitive container of sorts when you open it up.

It is a rock formation that occurs when volcanic activity combines with sedimentary rock.

These are spheres of rock that when opened have cavities within them that form when crystals are deposited at the same time as some crystals dissolve within the space of the geode.

This process happens over time and creates the banding and coloring of geodes that geodes are famous for.

Geodes are found in a wide range of sizes and colors, and can be found open with their cavities exposed, or closed.

Most colors of geodes are in the neutral family, with whites and greys prevailing as their exterior color.

If you find geodes that are brighter or in a range of shades, they may have been synthetically or commercially altered.

Geodes are a fascinating science and many people become rock hunters to find geodes alone, only to discover how exciting the activity of rock hunting really is.

You might find things inside these geodes, which is a key task for rock hunters and treasure hunters.

Like any other secret compartment, you can never know what is inside until you crack it open.

Geodes can be found in Bergen County and in Barnardsville Quarry.

Bergen Hill is a haven for rock hunters.

If you take some time to map out some roads, railroads, and other Hudson River spots, you may find some good geodes to take home with you.


Amethyst is a beautiful purple rock that is formed when igneous rocks known as basalts have a reaction with volcanic wastes and lava.

Volcanic wastes serve as a vessel for water and mineral sediment to accumulate over time, and this develops into a white and purple formation known as amethyst.

The interior of basalt rock is often amethyst due to its unique formation and stunning appearance.

Amethyst is used commercially in a number of areas, including for jewelry and interior décor.

It is also used for metaphysical healing and has a reputation in this community for being useful in the way of dreams and sleep, and warding off negative influences or energy in your life.

It is also seen in many folklore stories as being a stone with powerful uses.

It can be purchased commercially in jewelry and gems in New Age stores, and in many elements of home décor and beauty supplies.

It is a beautiful stone that, through its color, feels special just to hold.

Finding amethyst on your own would be an incredible find for rock hunters.

You can find it in New Jersey in Prospect Park Quarry, and also the Upper New Street Quarry in


Quartz is easily among the most common rocks or minerals in the world, second only to feldspar.

Quartz is a crystal that is made up almost exclusively of silica components.

This silica is linked in a structure of tetrahedra that gives every quartz specimen that has not been refined in a factory a unique structure and shape.

In Cape May, New Jersey, the quartz here is so unique and stunning they are referred to as Cape May Diamonds.

It is used for jewelry, but is also used in making glass, industrial settings such as foundries and metal casting, and also in the petroleum industry.

Quartz is a very common stone used in the New Age community as well and is best known for warding off negative energy.

There is a wide range of quartz types available for metaphysical healing, from rose quartz to lapis lazuli.

You can find some good specimens in New Jersey when you plan your hunt right.

Plan New Jersey Rock Hunts Today

Being based on the Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey is an ideal location for rock hunters for some of the most exquisite and sought-after rocks and gems in the world.

You will find agates and amber here, amethyst, and more.

Geodes are another of the most unique and famous types of rocks found in New Jersey.

The southern part of New Jersey is perhaps the most rock-rich area of the state for rock hunting, but a good plan will take you all over the state hunting for the next perfect piece to your collection.

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