Sleeping With Moldavite: A Beginner’s Guide

Moldavite is an enigmatic stone. Formed by a meteorite impact millions of years ago, and beautiful in color, it a stone that people often purchase just to say that they have one.

But others collect it for its metaphysical properties.

It is thought to aide in a myriad of ways, like helping to heighten self-awareness, clear unwanted energy from the past, heal emotional wounds, or even slow the aging process.

But it isn’t a perfect stone for everyone, or for every need. In this article, we’ll cover what you need to know about sleeping with moldavite.

Sleeping With Moldavite (EXPLAINED)

Moldavite Strength: Be Prepared For Side Effects

Some crystals are thought of as gentle, or soothing, while others are forceful.

Regardless of what the stone does or can do, the strength of the stone seems to be the important factor for sleep.

If a stone is really strong like moldavite, putting the stone with you in the bedroom, on the nightstand, or even under the pillow, can cause insomnia, disrupted sleep, too-vivid dreams, or even nightmares.

This is the case when sleeping with selenite or when trying to sleep with kyanite in the house.

When folks are looking to get a good night’s sleep and to rise in the morning feeling rested and healed, sleeping with moldavite can be a disappointing experience.

And this isn’t to say that moldavite should not be slept with. On the contrary, many people sleep with moldavite and report only positive results.

The issue is with the strength of the stone.

People who are extremely sensitive to their crystals, or who haven’t had an opportunity to spend time with the material or get attuned to it, will find that they will have to do extra work to make moldavite fit into the home.

Getting Started Sleeping With Moldavite

Move It Closer Gradually

If you are thinking of getting some moldavite to sleep with, here’s what we recommend.

First, make sure you actually have moldavite.

Sometimes moldavite is confused with malachite, or with other specimens.

When you first bring it into your home, don’t change anything else.

Put it in a room far from your bedroom. Pay attention to how well you sleep and how you feel, and make notes.

Then every night, move the stone closer to your bedroom. Sleep, and make notes in the morning.

Over time, move it closer to your bed, and finally to your skin or under your pillow. Keep taking your notes.

If at any point, things start to spin out of control or you feel poorly, you can stop bringing the crystal closer, or spend more time adjusting to the crystal at its point of nearness.

Try a few days with it far away, and then slowly start moving it closer again.

If you find that you cannot move it closer to you or your bedroom without cause disruption, now is the time to take a look at the other stones/crystals in your bedroom, on your person, or even in your house.

You might find that some of your other stones (like clear quartz) are amplifying the impact of the moldavite.

Once you remove the other stones one at a time, you might find that you can bring it closer and produce positive results.

Work With Your Moldavite Before Bringing It Into Your Bed

People love to preach that you need to do A, B, and C to “activate” or “charge” or “cleanse” your crystals.

We take the position that our (meaning people) interactions with our crystals is individual. Just because someone does something and it worked for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Thus, when we say “work” with your crystal before bringing it to bed, this can mean many things.

This could mean carrying it with you in your pocket at work. It could mean meditating with it.

It could mean sitting with it in your hand, focusing on what you want this stone to do with you and for you.

Regardless, the “work” is about spending time with the stone in your presence, close to you. This is you getting used to the stone, and used to how you feel with it.

It could also give you a chance to work through maybe some of the more difficult aspects of what the stone is doing for you.

Perhaps there is a significant trauma that the stone will unearth or bring to the surface. Perhaps the stone makes you feel sick in your stomach.

If you aren’t sure what to do with your stone, we recommend finding a quiet place to sit with it. You don’t have to try and meditate, or even think about anything in particular.

Just put the stone as close to you as you feel is comfortable for you. And spend as much time as you can sitting quietly with it, until you feel like it is time to stop.

Maybe this is when you feel sick, or maybe when your bottom has fallen sleep. Maybe this is when you start to feel itchy and uncomfortable, like you need to stand up and move away.

There are no negative stones, in our opinion.

Thus if you are feeling something bad or negative when working with moldavite, it is probably because there is something you need to address or deal with.

And once you have dealt with it (perhaps with help), you can move past and find the stone more enjoyable to have around.

Ask For Help

If you are really motivated to make moldavite a part of your life, but find that you still don’t feel right when you are around the stone, consider doing a joint session with someone else who understands what it is your are trying to do.

Spend some time sitting together quietly with the stone, touching or not touching, but without bringing in additional stones.

Having someone else in the room could soften the impact of the stone, or spread it out.

Having someone there with you could also stabilize and ground you, as you work through whatever negative energies are in you that need to come out.

That person might also be able to help you identify the trouble, and give you some helpful advice.

Wrap Up

Remember, your experience with moldavite might be the same as others. You might feel great, you might feel terrible, you might feel nothing. We don’t resonate with every material, or in the same way.

Just focus on what works for you, and what doesn’t. If you can’t made moldavite work for you, even if you try everything we suggest above, then it is okay to move on try other stones.

Just focus on what works for you and what feels right. In the end, that is the heart of the crystals practice.

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