Sleeping With Fluorite (3 Tips For Beginners)

This stone that comes in many colors is often used by those looking to improve their sleep.

While sleeping with stones is often recommended, there is generally little advice about how to go about it, aside from potential placements of the stone in the bedroom.

In the article that follows, we offer tips to help you get better sleep with fluorite.

Sleeping with Fluorite (Explained)

Introduction to Fluorite

Fluorite is a member of the halide mineral family, the mineral form of calcium fluoride.

It can be found in many colors, such as purple, blue, green, pink, red, and black, as well as colorless.

On the metaphysical side, it is believed that fluorite neutralizes and cleans away negative energy.

Sleeping With Stones

Will It Work?

One of the most challenging aspects of incorporating stones into your routine is actually feeling a difference.

It is really common for people to put a stone under their pillow, sleep the way they usually do, and conclude that sleeping with stones is just ‘woo-woo stuff.’

People who are looking to get better sleep are often looking for a quick fix, and fail to approach the situation in a serious manner.

If you are serious about utilizing fluorite in your sleep routine, here’s what we recommend.

First, before you bring the stone into your sleep routine, you need to establish your baseline.

Obtain a sleep journal, start making notes about your experiences, and keep track for at least 2 weeks.

Record details about your bedtime, wake time, wakefulness during the night, dreams (strength and content), and energy during the day.

Also try and make your bedtime routine consistent.

Go to bed at the same time and arise at the same time.

Don’t add anything new, such as sheets, clothing, stones, medications, or essential oils.

Once you have a baseline, then you should introduce your fluorite.

On the first night, pick a place for the stone.

Under the pillow, or next to the bed are good places to start.

Leave the stone in place for at least a few nights.

Feel free to take it with you during the day, but return it to its place at night.

Make notes.

Over time, adjust the stone’s placement.

Closer to you (like under the pillow or the mattress), or further away, like on a shelf.

Make notes.

Over time, since you have a baseline, and have made notes, you’ll be able to conclude pretty conclusively for yourself whether your piece of fluorite made the difference in your life that you were hoping to achieve.

Personal Experiences/Don’t Compare

You’ll see a lot of advice about the things you have to do in order to sleep with crystals.

These articles and books can be a good place to start, but you should focus on making better sleep with crystals your experience.

What works for one person won’t necessarily work for you.

One particular stone that you think should work for you might not at all.

Before you decide that something hasn’t worked, we recommend that you experiment with your own placements, and your own configurations.

Until you’ve actually invested some time and effort to fine tune your own experience, it will be hard to say whether or not the stone worked.

Don’t just accept what other people tell you to do as gospel.

Fluorite Specifics

Fluorite is thought to be good for clearing and cleaning of the body and mind.

It is said to be calming, and encourage clarity.

For some individuals, this may encourage peaceful sleep.

For others, this may stimulate the mind, and encourage thoughts (not exactly best at bedtime).

If you struggle to sleep with fluorite, try spending some time with the stone before bedtime in mediation.

Touch the stone with your skin, and focus on your desired outcome with the stone.

If you seek peaceful sleep, try to bring that peace into you before you lay down to rest.

If you seek to clear away negativity, think about what you would like to be cleared away.

Or perhaps just hold the stone and try and find a quiet place in your mind.

You might also try a different piece of fluorite (or color), or even try doubling the number of pieces you are using.

Wrap Up

In the end, sleeping with fluorite might not feel any different than sleeping without it.

The effects might not be of a kind that are noticeable, or there just might not be any effects at all.

Commit to working with the stone for a considerable amount of time before giving up though, and hopefully you’ll eventually find something that works.

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