Sleeping with Bloodstone (For Beginners)

Occasionally difficult to identify, easy to obtain, bloodstone has an attention catching name and a dramatic appearance.

While people may disagree about whether or not sleeping with crystals makes a difference, this article will help you get started.

Sleeping with Bloodstone (Explained)

Bloodstone Facts

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope.

It is a mixture, usually of green jasper with red impurities of hematite.

Some say that the stone symbolizes life (birth and death).

Others focus on its origin story as forming from the blood of Jesus, and say that it stands for courage and sacrifice.

Those who believe in the ability of stones to impact a person’s life think that bloodstone:

  • can encourage altrustic qualities
  • protects the wearer
  • gives the wearer strength
  • ease difficulties
  • boost energy
  • boost immunity
  • remove negative energies
  • help the wearer overcome tragic events

While there are many claims about what bloodstone can or cannot do, we recommend that you do not accept as fact any of this, and test out for yourself what bloodstone can do for you.

(And naturally, if any of your problems are related to your physical health, that you also consult with your physician)

Sleeping With Crystals (Generally)

Websites and books recommend frequently that we sleep with crystals and stones.

But they rarely tell us how to go about it.

To make the most of your ‘sleeping with a stone’ experiment, you need to go about it methodically and with purpose.

You can put the bloodstone under your pillow in one day without preparation and see what happens.

Or you could take some time to prepare, by:

  • obtaining a journal
  • making notes for about a week in advance, about sleeping patterns, wakefulness, insomnia, energy levels during the day, etc
  • making notes about what you specifically want to achieve by bringing bloodstone into your sleep routine
  • making notes about your sleep routine, so that you can see what changes there are, or if you are consistent

Once you have established a baseline, you can bring the stone into your bedroom.

We generally recommend that you start with the stone on the bedside table rather than putting it directly under your pillow.

Give it a few days, and then log how you feel.

Then, experiment with moving the stone closer to you.

Put it under the pillow, as an example, and leave it there for a few days, keeping track of how you feel.

Move it under the mattress, under the bed, and to the other side of the room.

Keep tracking your sleep, and how you feel.

If you notice positive changes, or if you notice negative changes, you can make adjustments to your set up.

If you aren’t noticing anything, even if you sleep with the stone on your skin, you can try trading out the bloodstone, or even adding a second/third stone.

You can also try mediating with the stone during your wakeful hours, concentrating on the stone along with your goals/desires (remember your notes?)

As you experiment, don’t make other changes in your sleeping routine or set up.

This is not the time to bring other stones or crystals into your bedroom, move your bed, add a new oil to the diffuser, or change your pillows.

In the end, you may find that the stone makes changes happen in your life.

Or you may not.

But with this methodical approach, at least you’ll know for sure whether it was the stone that made the difference.

Sleeping With Bloodstone

Bloodstone is not thought to be a subtle stone, or a gentle one.

While some like to have it nearby during sleep for cleansing, it is used by some to try and stimulate dreams.

This is a good thing for some people, but not necessarily for all.

People with unresolved trauma in their past may notice that the stone draws these details out in the form of nightmares.

While overall this may be a good thing (to help the user deal with those old memories and experiences), it can be uncomfortable.

If the nightmares do not subside, it could be a sign that you need to seek out assistance during your waking hours, maybe in the form of counseling to talk through what you see.

If you notice that you struggle to sleep as well with bloodstone close to you, try moving it from your skin or under your pillow to underneath your bed.

You can also try a different piece of bloodstone.

Wrap Up

Just remember, sleeping with bloodstone might not feel any different than sleeping without it, or with other crystals.

People don’t resonate with every material, and what works for one person might not work for the other.

Be prepared to be flexible, and to keep trying.

Eventually you will dial in something that works.

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