Sleeping with Aventurine (For Beginners)

A crystal of luck and prosperity, people have long placed aventurine under a pillow or on the bedside table at night in order to try and improve their lives.

While people may disagree about whether or not sleeping with crystals makes a difference, this article will help you get started.

Sleeping with Aventurine (Explained)

Aventurine Facts

Aventurine is technically a member of the quartz family.

This relatively inexpensive stone gets its color from mineral or metal inclusions.

Though most people are familiar with the green version, it can also be found in orange, yellow, blue, and brown.

Those who believe in the power of minerals and crystals disagree about what benefits aventurine can bring, such as that it potentially:

  • encourages prosperity
  • helps manifest financial goals (money)
  • is good luck for the wearer, bearer
  • encourages feelings of love and compassion
  • encourages a feeling of peace
  • can clean away negative feeling and energy, leaving room for the good stuff
  • is a stone of renewal

While there are many claims about what aventurine can or cannot do, we recommend that you do not accept as fact any of this, and test out for yourself what aventurine can do for you.

Sleeping With Crystals (Generally)

Not everyone notices any positive or negative change as a result of incorporating stones, gems, and other specimens in the home.

We can’t guarantee that bringing aventurine of any color into your home will cause any result.

In fact, it can be really difficult to tell whether bringing a stone like aventurine into your home or bedroom will make a difference unless you are purposeful and deliberate about it.

If you want to see if aventurine will help, here’s what we recommend:

  • Make a plan for how and when you’ll bring the stone into your bedroom. Incorporate just one particular stone at a time, and don’t make other changes to your sleeping strategy/bedroom at the same time. For example, if you decide to bring in the aventurine at the same time you add a specific oil to your diffuser at night, you’d never know for sure which was the cause.
  • Start by putting the stone on the bedside table, on a nearby shelf, or even on the floor nearby. Get a few nights rest without moving the stone to other places or any closer.
  • Move the stone closer (like under your pillow or into your pillow case) or farther away over time.
  • Keep a sleep/dream journal. Makes notes about how your sleep went, from falling to sleep, the quality of sleep, whether you woke a lot, and how you felt when you awoke. Also make notes about how the day went, such as, did you feel tired, restless, or maybe good?

As you experiment with the stone, test out putting the stone in different places, such as:

  • on the bedside table
  • under the pillow
  • in the pillow case
  • on your person (like on a necklace)
  • on the mattress (one stone or even multiple)
  • between the mattress and the box spring
  • on the floor under the bed

You can even try multiple pieces of aventurine, starting with one and adding one at a time, over time.

If you spend a few weeks (or even months) “testing” the stone and don’t notice any change, you can feel free to move on and try another stone.

Just don’t bring in more than one stone at a time into your bedroom, as you won’t be able to tell what is doing what.

Sleeping With Aventurine Specifics

Aventurine is thought to be a gentle stone.

It’s effect, if you notice anything, is likely to be subtle.

Aventurine is recommended for those who wish to:

  • get more restful and peaceful sleep,
  • improve their life,
  • want to feel more positive during the day,
  • embark on new opportunities (like starting a new job, new business, new relationship),
  • master negative emotions (and put them aside),
  • try something new.

In general, aventurine is not associated with negative influences.

As a result, you don’t have much to loose by bringing the stone into your bedroom.

Wrap Up

Just remember, sleeping with aventurine might not feel any different than sleeping without it, or with other crystals.

People don’t resonate with every material, and what works for one person might not work for the other.

Be prepared to be flexible, and to keep trying. Eventually you will dial in something that works.

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