Rockhounding Orange County, California: 6 Places To Hunt Rocks, Crystals, and Fossils  

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Below you’ll find the six best places to go rockhounding in Orange County, California.

Rockhounding Orange County, California (Let’s Go)


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1 Laguna canyon

There are rocks and fossils in the Laguna Canyon, which is located along the coastline of Laguna Beach.

You can take several hiking trails to find an area to go rock collecting.

Forty miles of trails in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park leads visitors through oak and sycamore woods and up onto ridges with expansive panoramic views.

Some of the Canyon trails rise against the rocky bluffs.

If you plan on taking the park’s trails, there is a small fee of three dollars, and there are plenty of parking spaces for you to park at.

Some of the rocks and crystals you can find are oceanic fossils, granite, jasper, and petrified wood.

2 Limestone Canyon Regional Park

In Limestone Canyon Regional Park, you can find a spectacular canyon full of oak forests, scenic streams, and perennial springs.

There is a geological formation in the area called “the Sinks,” often compared to the Grand Canyon.

Limestone provides hikers, mountain bikers, naturalists, and scientists with a rich variety of plants and animals.

It also provides rock collectors with a wonderful place to explore and find a variety of rocks, crystals, and fossils.

Dolomites are abundant in the area, and some dolomites contain tiny quartz crystals within them.

Some of the other rocks and crystals found in the area are rhodonite, serpentine, and petrified wood.

There are four trails within the park, and two are on private property.

Limestone Canyon and Loma Ridge Loop are accessible for hikers to explore.

However, the area’s unique ecosystem limits its use.

Also, you have to make reservations to go hiking on the trail.

The Pleasants Peak trail is open year-round, but it is best to go hiking between November and April.

It’s also best to avoid hiking on this trail at night due to the animals of the area, and you must make reservations to go hiking on the trail.

The Limestone Canyon Trail and The Sinks Trail are both located on private property.

If you want to go hiking on these trails, you’ll have to make reservations with Irvine Ranch Conservancy.

3 Salt Creek

Salt Creek Beach Park is known to be a surfer paradise, although along the banks of Salt Creek is a wonderful site for collectors to find rocks and crystals.

Salt Creek is a small coastal stream about four miles long.

The creek flows west and south through a narrow canyon located in the center of Laguna Niguel.

In Dana Point, it then flows into Monarch Beach Golf Course and into a subsurface flow channel that leads to Salt Creek Beach, its discharge point.

Some of the rocks and crystals found along Salt Creek are oceanic fossils, agate, chert, and petrified wood.

People have even located a small amount of quartz crystals within the area.

If you plan on parking near the beach, know the lower parking lot is open from 5 am to midnight, and you have to pay one dollar per hour.

However, this parking lot is often busy during the day hours of 12 pm – 6 pm.

Instead, you can opt to park at the Pacific Coast Highway, where the parking rate and hours are the same.

4 Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

The Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park consists of 2,500 acres of land.

The land is full of oak forest, rolling grass hills, and steep slopes of coastal scrub.

The Red Rock Canyon beautifully highlights its natural habitat with its scenic rock formations.

The park is open between the hours of 7 am to 4 pm, and there is a three-dollar fee for parking.

There are several trails to choose from when deciding on a place to go rockhounding.

Some of the trails are Whiting Ranch Trail, Dreaded Hill Loop Trail, and Raptor Road Loop.

In the banks of Borrego, Aliso, and Serrano Creek streams, you can also find a few crystals and rocks.

Some of the rocks and crystals found in the area are sandstone, tourmaline, and aquamarine.

5 Santa Ana Mountains

The Santa Ana Mountains are from a short peninsular mountain range along the southern California coast.

Approximately 61 miles of the mountains run between Orange and Riverside counties southwest of the Los Angeles Basin.

There is a remote mountain canyon in eastern Orange County, California, called the Black Star Canyon.

The canyon is part of the Santa Ana River.

The wild scenery of Black Star Canyon makes it a favorite spot for mountain bikers and hikers alike.

It’s also a great area for you to go digging to collect rocks, crystals, and other minerals.

If you decide to go hiking around this area, watch out for mountain lions and other wildlife animals.

Some of the rocks and crystals found in the area are agate, jasper, petrified wood, and animal fossils.

6 Niguel Hill

In Laguna Beach, there is a hill named Niguel Hill, which is very prominent.

This summit has nice views of Aliso Peak, Old Baldy, and Santiago Peak, a mile from the ocean.

You can also view San Gorgonio peaks further east.

This summit area is now a gated area occupied by upper-class residents.

As a result, it is possible but not recommended to drive up this peak.

However, you can take the road halfway and find a spot to park to hike on the Valido trail between Aliso Peak and Niguel Hill.

While on the trail, you can find a few spots to go rock collecting.

Some of the rocks and crystals found in the area are agate, petrified wood, and jasper.

California Rockhounding Resources

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