Rockhounding Near Indianapolis, Indiana: 7 Places To Hunt Rocks, Crystals, and Fossils

During your adventures of rock collecting, did it cover occur to you to visit the state of Indiana?

Perhaps not. If so, then you might be undercutting some great spots to find amethyst or moonstone gems.

Many have even found diamonds while digging through the old mines throughout Indiana.

Indianapolis might not even occur to you as a place to go rock collecting.

If not, then you should consider planning a trip there as there are plenty of places for you to rock hounding.

Below are some of the best spots to go rock hounding near Indianapolis, Indiana.

Rockhounding Near Indianapolis, Indiana: Let’s Get Started!


The information provided in this article by is for informational purposes and is subject to change. Laws are updated. Accessibility guidelines and restrictions change. Be sure to confirm the land status and collection rules before you travel to an unfamiliar location or collect any material.

1 White River

The White River is a two-forked river that drains through central and southern Indiana. It is the largest tributary to the Wabash River.

The river flows through Indianapolis, allowing the citizens to experience nature right in their city. 

Many people enjoy the recreational activities of canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and hiking around the river.

While enjoying these recreational activities, take the time to dig for some rocks for your collection around the river banks. 

Some of the crystals and rocks you can find are agate, quartz, moonstone, jasper, and petrified wood.

Of course, Indiana is home to sedimentary rocks, and you can find limestone, gypsum, and dolomite around the trails of the White River.

2 Highland Creek

About 30 minutes away from Indianapolis is the smaller city of Martinville, home of Highland Creek.

The creek runs through Highland Park, a hilly, semi-shaded parkland where many people visit to get away from the busy city life.

Many people enjoy fishing along the creek, but it’s also a great place for you to go rock hounding in Indiana.

Some of the gems you can find along the creek are amethyst, quartz crystals, and geodes.

Another common gem you can find along Highland Creek is Sapphire in brown.

3 Tippecanoe River

An hour and thirty minutes away in northern Indiana is the Tippecanoe River.

Many people enjoy going to the river for canoeing and kayaking.

There are also 23 miles for hiking and horseback riding. 

You can find parking spaces around the waterfowl parking area and Tepicon parking lot.

After walking the trails for a bit, you will come to an area to dig for rocks.

Some of the stones and minerals people have found in the area are sphalerite, barite, fossilized wood, siderite, marcasite, pyrite, and geodes.

4 Hoosier National Forest

If you don’t mind the 2-hour drive from Indianapolis, Indiana, visit Hoosier National Forest to go rock hounding.

One of the best geode spots in the state, it also contains many quartz and other crystals.

The most common crystals are barite, dolomite, and white calcite in the area.

The park is generally accessible to the public, though you will need to pay for certain activities and hold a permit for developed campgrounds.

Luckily, you can dig undeveloped areas for rocks while in the national forest. It is a great place to dig all weekend long for cheap or even free.

Although digging in the park comes with only one catch. It has to be done carefully! 

Geodes cannot be found by digging up giant mountains of dirt and wiping out the vegetation.

So make sure you bring small tools with you only to do surface-level collecting.

Also, the gems you find are yours to keep.

5 Fort Wayne County: Fields and the Three Rivers

Fort Wayne County is another two-hour drive away from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The drive may be far, although it might be worth it.

Throughout the many fields and farmland, you can go digging for rocks. 

Some of the rocks people have found are agate, jasper, geodes, and topaz.

Although some of these fields may be privately owned before you start digging, make sure the owners are okay with you doing so.

While you’re in Fort Wayne County, make a trip to one of the three rivers that flow through the county. St. Joseph, St. Mary, and Maumee are the three rivers that flow through the county.

You can take the many trails of Fort Wayne Rivergreenway to find places for you to go rock collecting in Indiana.

Although the best place to start is along the St. Joseph Pathway, and there you can find geodes, agate, jasper, and petrified wood.

6 Yogi Bear Knightstown

East of Indianapolis is the park known as Yogi Bear Knightstown.

The park features a camping ground full of cabins, tent sites, and RV camping.

Some of the activities you can do there are pedal kart, swimming, and sports.

Although, the best part about visiting the park is the ability to go panhandling for rocks, it’s great if you have kids and would like to take them along your adventures of rock collecting. 

Some hidden gems people have found here are chert, fluorite, petrified wood, dolomite, and jasper.

There’s a fee to enter the park, and you can learn more about their activities on their website here.

7 Marengo Cave

If you don’t mind another two-hour drive and have children, then take a trip to the Marengo Cave in Crawford County, Indiana.

The cave is a national treasure to the state for those who love being outdoors and exploring the natural world. 

The Marengo Cave is another great place to visit if you have children with you, as there are plenty of attractions to occupy them.

But, for the rock collectors, the park allows you to go hunting around the cave entrance. 

Some gems people have found around the cave are agate, geodes, calcite, and petrified wood.

If you want more information about the gemstone mining activity at Marengo Cave, visit their website

Wrapping Up

In Indianapolis, Indiana, you can find plenty of rock hounding opportunities, especially along the city’s creeks.

However, the list above is not the only place you can discover the many natural gems native to the state of Indiana. 

Let us know in the comments if you know of any other places to go rock hounding near Indianapolis, Indiana.

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