Rockhounding Near Colusa County, California: 8 Places To Hunt Rocks, Crystals, and Fossils

If you are a rockhound and are wandering for places, then search nowhere else other than Colusa County in California.

It is one of the best places where you can search for various rocks and minerals to conduct your experiment.

Colusa County, California is a haven for rockhounding enthusiasts and comes out as very rewarding for those who hunt antiques.

So, let us take you through some heavenly glimpses of Colusa County, California, and what makes it so different from the rest for you to make it a rockhounding ground.  

Rockhounding Near Colusa County, California


The information provided in this article by is for informational purposes and is subject to change. Laws are updated. Accessibility guidelines and restrictions change. Be sure to confirm the land status and collection rules before you travel to an unfamiliar location or collect any material.

East Park Reservoir

This area is one of the best areas that one can ever come across in Colusa County, California.

It has a broad range of area that is filled with bajadas, spires, volcanic peaks, and cliffs.

It is the national landmarked area of the state because of its high natural value.

Apart from its high value accounting for the gems, minerals and rocks, it is home to many coyotes, lizards, and various other types of animals.

The region of East Park Reservoir specializes in the top-quality availability of chalcedony, agate, opalites, and jaspers.

This area comes with a full interesting package of rockhounding, hunting, and other fun activities.

Mount Hope, Butte County

The two of the most common types of crystals that are available here are jaspers and agates.

But apart from that, you can find a whole lot of crystals, rocks, and minerals.

It is a rockhounding ground for some rare sagenite, opalite, calcite, bubbly chalcedony, and multi-colored agate.

This area of California is very famous because of the dramatic geological formations that have taken place.

If you are a bit confused about the location, then let me tell you so. It is located in the region of Southern California.

It is located near the area of Jenny May Mine, from where you can get various sources all around the year. It is also home to a number of wild animals.

If you are not sure when to visit the place, then it is advised to visit it during the seasonal fall or spring.

Lake Oroville

Have you heard of the famous Lake Oroville? It has become famous ever since the discovery of geode beds came to light.

Ever since then, it has become one of the most exploited popular rock hounding grounds for the people.

The place has an amazing collection of fire agate and thundereggs. Apart from fire agate and thundereggs, this rockhounding ground is famous for the availability of jasper, colorful quartz, rhyolite, citrine, and chalcedony.

Some useful information is to be shared about the campgrounds.

One can access them easily without having to encounter winding mountain roads or any rough gravel terrain.

This place is extremely beautiful and if you are willing to visit it, then pretty sure, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of it.

Little Butte Creek  

The Little Butte Creek collecting area has an amazing collection of tribolites.

If you like collecting them, then don’t wait up anymore. Go dig up the ground and find them. If you go near the mining shafts region you ought to find magnetite in reddish-brown iron deposits and hematite.

Also, do not miss out on the epidote that comes in green along with the washes. Go outside the town for a few miles, you will find marble and limestone in abundant amounts near the quarries that are already abandoned.

If you are in Little Butte Creek, then you ought to find the place a great spot for every rockhound.

Richardson Springs

You will find Richardson Springs, with an immense number of gemstones and minerals. Gemstones such as garnets, quartz, cinnabar, and jadeite.

The place is open to the rarest gemstone of California- benitoite.

Well, there are several private lands in this place, so while your inner rockhound is at a peak, be calm enough to stay away from private lands and stick to public lands.

The specialty of Richardson Springs lies in its asbestos, which occurs naturally amidst its serpentine soil.

And asbestos is known to be a hazard to the health of people. Apart from being a rockhound, if you want to go hiking or biking, then Clear Creek is a great area for such kinds of stuff.

Kanaka Peak, Butte County

The Californian region of Kanaka Peak Butte County is a free mine. You don’t have to pay in here to dig in for rocks or minerals or gems.

Just book a reservation, a small fee before you enter, and voila, you are done. And the advantage lies here, as you get to keep everything without getting charged for anything extra.

This area specializes in minerals such as feldspar crystals, lepidolite, tourmaline, quartz, and many other crystals.

This area is known to be a perfect fit for young freshers. And it is advised to visit the area of Kanaka Peak Butte County during the weeks of summer.

Make your rockhounding count with your visit to Kanaka Peak Butte County.

Shippee, Butte County

One of the primary and most important areas of California for rockhounding is Shippee, Butte County.

The types of rocks and minerals that are found here are praiseworthy, such as chalcedony, calcite, jaspers, quartz, and hedenbergite.

These minerals are also found in the nooks and crannies.

The best part about this rockhounding area is that you don’t have to roam about a lot. Rocks and minerals are available in every corner of this area.

Not to forget, petrified wood and gold are also available in the region of the Calico Mountains.

This place holds historical value, because of the presence of different historical mines, so it is an area under restrictions. Take great care while visiting this area.


If you want to spend your day doing something exciting, rockhounding is the right thing for you!

It is such an awesome job that enlightens and connects you with history and geography and also gives you a very dedicated yet sophisticated hobby.

And the Californian area is blessed with rockhounding skills, blessed with the perfect blend of mountains, beaches, terraces, and bluffs that have influenced the geography of Colusa County, California.

Wind, waves, earthquakes, and other natural resources also play a key role in the formation of these geological treats.

California Rockhounding Resources

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