Poop Creek, Oregon (Yes, It Is A Real Place)

Poop Creek, Oregon. Sounds like a joke, right?

People love to giggle when they hear the name of this waterway, much as they might when they hear of Poo Poo Point (in Washington) and Pee Pee Creek (in Ohio).

Even though it was the subject of a popular Drake meme, and is used to make fun (think “up s**t creek without a paddle), you’d be wrong.

It’s a real place, and if you read on, we’ll tell you all about where it is, what it’s like, and how you can find it.

Where is Poop Creek, Oregon?

Poop Creek is stream located about 2.25 hours east and south of Portland, Oregon.

It’s not a town, a campground, or anything other than the natural land feature.

We doubt there’s even much more than a few areas to pull off on the side of the road to mark it’s location.

Since it is smack dab in the middle in the national forest lands, there is more than one way to get there.

The challenge with finding Poop Creek is not only navigating the lesser used forest roads, but also in figuring out which creek is which, as few or marked or signed, and there are many small creeks running around this area.

In the vicinity, you’ll also come across Camp Creek, Dyke Creek, Last Creek, Fall Creek, Bonner Creek, and Pinhead Creek.

For the average travel coming from Portland will drive east out of Portland on I-84, then head south/east on 26.

You’ll drive up past Mt. Hood (and all of the ski towns), then head south until you hit NF-42. You’ll spend about 21-22 miles on back grounds (plan for gravel), which could be covered in snow in winter months. (source)

Traveling down NF 42 before it connects with NF-370, you’ll have a chance to head north on NF-4660. If you go north of 4660 or continue south after the NF-4660, you’ll be traveling parallel to Poop Creek, which runs N/S in this area.

To access the creek, you’ll need to find a place to pull of the road and park, and then bushwack west from the road through brush of various densities.

Depending on where you park, this may not take long (just a minute or two), or it might take long (several minutes). But overall, it isn’t far from 42 or 4660.

If you are an adventurous sort, you can also approach the Poop Creek backroads from the west side, via NF-46.


In general, we recommend that you use a GPS or map in this area if you are not familiar with it, as cell service/mobile data/wi-fi will be spotty or non-existent.

In the fall/winter/early spring, this area is not maintained for through travel, and only folks experienced and geared up for off-roading should be up there.

At certain times of the year, the road is not passable.

What is it like at Poop Creek?

In most cases, people head to the creeks in the Mt. Hood National Forest (like Poop Creek) to fish.

However, Poop Creek isn’t really famous for any particular sort of fishing experience.

It is one of many creeks in the national forest area, and is probably only high-profile because of it’s name.

The creek itself isn’t that big, though at certain times of year the water will definitely be higher given enough rainfall or snow melt. The water will definitely be cold and pretty clear.

The area is not particularly high as far as elevation, between 2500-3000 feet depending on where you are.

It is pretty well forested, with evergreen species of trees like Doug Fir, western red cedar, and ponderosa pine.

It rains here often in the fall, winter, and spring, though the summer months can be dry and warm.

Though there is little in the way of established campgrounds out there, dispersed camping is allowed in much of the Mt. Hood National Forest.

Check with the local forest office for the most up to date details, as this can change.

Rockhounds will enjoy tromping in the creek and along the creek sides, as jasper of varying colors, agates, and other stones typical of Oregon’s waterways are to be found.

You might even see trillium up here, though you shouldn’t pick it.

What is the Poop Creek Drake meme or joke about?

We aren’t sure where the Drake joke originally came from, but it looks as though some enterprising creator make a video showing the Google Maps location for Poop Creek, and then stitched on a video of Drake getting ready and heading somewhere with his entourage.

Check out our content about rockhounding Oregon for more information about unique and off the beaten path places to visit. 

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