Pink Sapphire vs Pink Diamond: What Are They, And What’s The Difference?

Pink sapphires and pink diamonds are among the world’s most coveted and beautiful gemstones.

While they look similar at first glance, these minerals have some surprising differences.

Below, we’ll cover everything you should know about these crystals and what makes them unique.

Pink Sapphire vs Pink Diamond: Explained

What Is a Pink Diamond?

The pink diamond is one of the rarest and most priceless gems worldwide.

As the name suggests, these diamonds are typically a rosy pink.

However, they can show shades of orange and brown as well. 

The tone, saturation, and hue of a pink diamond all affect its value.

Generally, the more vivid and deep the color, the more valuable the pink diamond is.

Gems showing a dark pink or pink-orange blend are typically the most coveted.

Like other diamonds, pink diamonds are made entirely of carbon.

They also form the same way as their colorless counterparts, making them the hardest naturally occurring material on Earth. 

The way pink diamonds get their rosy hue is unique.

Most gems vary in color due to differences in trace chemicals.

However, pink diamonds get their striking shade mostly from distortion in their crystalline structure.

These stones are also among some of the oldest gems in the world.

In fact, most pink diamonds predate colorless diamonds by hundreds of million years!

Their ancient origins only further add to their mystique and value.

Pink diamonds make for excellent wedding rings.

Not just due to their rarity, but because they often symbolize love and passion.

Although, they can also be the center stone for dazzling necklaces worthy of a queen.

What Is a Pink Sapphire?

While not as rare as pink diamonds, pink sapphires are no less dazzling and often more vibrant.

These gemstones are much more affordable and widely available than pink diamonds.

Because of this, many seek out pink sapphires as an affordable alternative to their pricier counterpart. 

Pink sapphires are beloved for their deep, bubble-gum pink color.

Often, the most desired gems are those possessing a dark magenta hue.

Although, lighter-tone hot pinks and shades of lilac are also popular. 

Like other sapphires and rubies, the pink sapphire consists of corundum.

Pink sapphires also have trace amounts of chromium, giving them distinct purple and red hues.

However, too much chromium can result in a pink sapphire technically becoming a ruby.

Up until recently, pink sapphires were remarkably scarce.

Thankfully, a mine in Madagascar discovered deposits of the mineral in the late 1990s.

Since then, they’ve become increasingly widespread and more coveted.

Pink sapphires have enjoyed a boom in popularity over the last few years in particular.

With stunning shades of hot pink, they make excellent gemstones for engagement rings and earrings.

Pink Sapphire vs. Pink Diamond: Similarities

Telling apart pink sapphires and pink diamonds can be tricky at first.

In addition to having similar names, these gems have a lot of the same properties. 

Below are some qualities that these minerals share:

  • Hue – Specimens of both gems can show almost identical color profiles, particularly when it comes to lighter, pink-hued stones. The red in pink sapphires can also resemble the brow and orange in pink diamonds.
  • Luster – Pink sapphires and pink diamonds possess similarly dazzling reflective qualities.
  • Symbolism – Thanks to their pink hues, both of these gems are associated with love, romance, and royalty. Many see them as also representing femininity and fertility.
  • Use in jewelry – Pink sapphires and pink diamonds are often the center stone of engagement and wedding rings. This is due to their association with romance and their eye-catching hues.

Furthermore, both stones are in a renaissance when it comes to fame and fashion.

Apps like Instagram and Pinterest helped significantly bolster their prominence in recent years.

Pink Sapphire vs. Pink Diamond: Differences

While specimens may appear similar at first glance, these crystals have numerous unique qualities.

And knowing what makes them distinct will make identifying them much more straightforward.

Here are some of the crucial differences between these gems:

  • Hue – Pink sapphires typically possess a hot pink, lilac, or magenta hue. Meanwhile, pink diamonds are more rosy pink with a secondary color of brown or orange.
  • Hardness – Diamonds are the hardest minerals on Earth, rated at 10 on the Mohs scale. While close behind with a rating of 9, sapphires are less hard than diamonds.
  • Rarity – Pink diamonds are one of the rarest crystals globally and can be challenging to acquire. Pink sapphires, while prized, are much more widespread.
  • Value – Pink diamonds rank among the world’s most priceless gems, with some specimens selling for tens of millions of dollars. Similarly sized and cut pink sapphires generally cost significantly less.
  • Base metal – Pink sapphires typically shine best with rose gold and white gold since they complement their vivid hues. On the other hand, silver and platinum bands enhance the more subtle shades of pink diamonds.

Why People Confuse Pink Sapphires and Pink Diamonds

Confusing pink sapphires and pink diamonds is an easy mistake to make.

Many of these gems look indistinguishable from each other to untrained eyes.

While vivid stones are easier to tell apart, light-toned specimens of these crystals may appear identical.

Especially when they have rosy, bright pink hues.

And since these minerals both possess remarkable luster, it can also be tricky to tell them apart by shine.

Additionally, pink diamonds and pink sapphires are among the hardest minerals in the world.

Meaning that expert examination is necessary to tell them apart in some situations.

To differentiate the gems, try closely assessing their hue. 

Pink diamonds generally have secondary colors that are brown or orangeish.

Meanwhile, pink sapphires tend to be more uniform in color with hot pink, lilac, and even reddish tones.

Furthermore, pink sapphires are renowned for their vivid and bright hues.

In contrast, the shades of pink diamonds are typically more subtle and muted.


While some specimens may appear similar, there are crucial differences between pink diamonds and pink sapphires. 

Pink diamonds are extraordinarily rare and typically have a pale, rosy pink hue.

Meanwhile, pink sapphires are more widely available and generally come in vibrant hot pink or lilac.

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