Miriam Stone (Calligraphy Stone): Identification, Uses, and Meaning

Miriam stone is beautiful, unique, and a little mysterious!

In this article, you will find information about its uses, associated meanings, and other assorted facts so you can learn about this wonderful stone.

Miriam Stone (Calligraphy Stone)

What is the Miriam or Calligraphy Stone?

Miriam stone or calligraphy stones have been around since the formation of the earth.

The appearance of the stone is ornate with lines that look like calligraphy and it gets its name from fossilized shells, bone fragments, and vegetation found in ancient swamplands that are fossilized within them.

They may be made of hematite, fossilized shell and other debris, and be about a million years old.

However, there has been no in-depth analysis of them that can be found.

This mineral has a slightly more than medium hardness, and it is not known to be soluble in water.

This stone has the chemical formula of: n{SiO2} p{CaCO3.

For the mystical, the stone is aligned with the Pisces zodiac sign and has been attributed to spiritual awakenings of a third eye, as well as being part of the root chakra.

What does the Miriam or Calligraphy Stone Look Like?

Calligraphy or Miriam stone has been found in the colors of brown, yellow, and pale yellow.

Sometimes called the elephant stone, some of these stones appear to resemble elephant skin.

Remains of fossils, bone matter, and bits of vegetation make the surface of the stone look like it’s covered in Chinese calligraphy or Arabic writing.

Long wavy lines of material in the stone make it appear to closely resemble calligraphic strokes.

These stones can either be round or jagged, and they can be cut or refined further to take on other shapes and are suitable for jewelry or other uses, such as a pendant or pendulum.

Miriam stone has a unique appearance and cannot easily be mistaken for any other type of stone.

Once you know what they look like, you will always be able to tell what they are when you see them.

Where can you Find the Miriam or Calligraphy Stone?

The Miriam or calligraphy stone is found in the Himalayan mountains in India.

During the formation of the Himalayan mountains, the landscape had shifted and moved in a way that was able to fossilize anything in the area.

These stones were formed due to the unique properties of the formation of the Himalayan mountains in prehistoric times.

The special properties of the formation of the Himalayan mountains are not found in any other mountain range on Earth and this stone is unique to this area as well.

How can you Identify Miriam or Calligraphy Stone?

The unmistakable calligraphic lines appearing in and on the Miriam or calligraphic stone give them a unique appearance.

Because of this, the stone is easy to identify and you can’t mistake it.

Identifying this stone is simple: look for calligraphic lines of apparently fossilized remains within and on a yellow, pale yellow, or brown stone that may or may not look like elephant skin.

There are many sources of this stone if you wish to purchase them both online and in rock and mineral shops.

If you ask for them, you will be able to tell what they are by looking at them quite easily.

If you happen to be doing prospecting in the Himalayan Mountains in India, looking for stones with lines that resemble calligraphic strokes on the surface will probably be all you need to be able to identify them.

Are Miriam Stones Expensive or Valuable?

Miriam or calligraphy stones are not especially valuable or expensive.

You can get a rather large stone for less than $20 in most cases.

They are very easily shaped for jewelry and other accessories, and loose stones are used for meditation and other metaphysical explorations.

Beyond the strictly physical, the stone is thought by some to have metaphysical properties, and is said to be used for relaxation, purification, power, new beginnings, mastering fear, longevity, wisdom, truth, trust, self discipline, cleansing, balance, and insight amongst many others.

For those who believe in metaphysical things, these stones are known to be powerful, with many spiritual properties.

This makes them valuable to many people.

However, they are not expensive as far as money goes.

Is the Miriam Stone Confused with Other Materials?

Due to the unique appearance of the Miriam or calligraphy stone, namely the long wavy lines that are on and in the stones, they are not easily confused with other stones.

You can always tell a Miriam or calligraphic stone by the fossilized remains that seem to poke out on the surface of the stones, closely resembling Chinese calligraphy.

What are Miriam or Calligraphy stones used for?

These stones are used for a variety of different purposes.

There are a number of types of jewelry made with stones.

However, the main purpose why people acquire these minerals is the metaphysical properties that they possess or are said to possess.

For the believers in metaphysical things, these stones are said to have a great power to align the chakras and can cause a spiritual awakening if they are held while meditating.

They can be used to channel earth’s energies and cleanse the spirit and soul, it is said.

Other Facts about Miriam or Calligraphy Stones

Miriam or calligraphy stones also go by a number of other names.

These stones go by many names, including Miriam Jasper, Mariyam Jasper, Miriam Stone, Arabic Scripts Stone, Snake Agate, Calligraphy Scripts Stone, Cobra Scripts Stone, Snake Jasper, Elephant Jasper and others.

It is also said that they possess a strong spiritual energy that aids in the development of what is known as automatic writing.

The metaphysical properties of these stones are well known amongst those who believe in such things and they are sought after for their very powerful attributes.

The Miriam or calligraphy stones are beautiful, ornate, unique, and certainly interesting to look at.

For those that are into the metaphysical side, the stone is worthwhile exploring.

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