Kiwi Jasper: Identification, Uses, and Meaning  

A Kiwi Jasper crystal makes the perfect addition to your collection, as it is often used by crystals practitioners to assist with stress relief.

We’ll discuss Kiwi Jasper and how it’s a great addition to a crystal collection in the following sections.

What Is a Kiwi Jasper?

The stone is also called Sesame Jasper.

Both names refer to a speckled black stone that can often be combined with translucent crystalline formations.

“Kiwi Jasper” usually refers to the light green variety, while “Sesame Jasper” describes this mineral’s white or lighter color variant.

The Kiwi Jasper is a new stone that entered the crystal collecting market in 2015.

This stone originated in New Zealand and was discovered in 2014.

Actually, the stone is not Jasper, but rather a combination of Amazonite and Tourmaline forms the material.

It also contains traces of rock crystals such as quartz.

So, why is it considered a jasper if it’s technically not?

The name “Jasper” is derived from Latin’ iaspidem’ and denotes a spotted or speckled stone.

Thanks to the mint green color and black spots on it, the Kiwi Jasper truly lived up to its name of a spotted stone.

On the Mohs hardness scale, the Kiwi Jasper ranks between 6.5-7. So, the stone is vital but can be easily scratched on certain surfaces such as glass.

What Does a Kiwi Jasper Look Like?

The stone has a delightful pattern of speckles that resembles a Robin’s egg.

It is often in the color of a light green or sea green color with black spots all around.

Occasionally, the stone green color appears as light as white.

Where Can You Find a Kiwi Jasper?

Naturally, the Kiwi Jasper has only been found in New Zealand, and it may be found in other countries around there.

But as far as the United States, the only way you can find a Kiwi Jasper is from a crystal shop store or online.

Another good place for you to find a Kiwi Jasper stone is at a rock collecting show.

How to Identify a Real Kiwi Jasper?

The best way to identify a Kiwi Jasper is by the color and the spots.

However, you can also take a look at it under the microscope to view its composition of minerals.

On a closer look, you may be able to see the traces of amazonite, rocky crystals, and tourmaline.

Is the Kiwi Jasper Valuable and Expensive?

The Kiwi Jasper is not considered expensive, but it is a valuable stone to add to one’s collection.

Stones with the name “Jasper” are considered healing stones that harmonize the body’s vibration by opening up a person’s heart.

It is thought to help shift the carrier’s outlook on life, adjust their mental state, and regulate their mood by harmonizing the heartbeat.

Thus, it can be a wonderful crystal for times of change since it is said it prepares one to overcome any obstacles one will encounter.

What Stones Does the Kiwi Jasper Get Confused With?

One of the stones that often gets confused for a Kiwi Jasper is the Dalmatian Stone.

The Dalmatian stone is also known as Dalmatian Jasper.

Both stones have “Jasper” in their name, which can lead to confusion between the two.

Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, Dalmatian stone is white to cream-colored with black spots.

Due to its look, its name comes from the Dalmatian breed of dog.

It is also an igneous rock, just like the Kiwi Jasper stone.

So how can you tell the difference between a Kiwi Jasper and a Dalmatian Jasper?

The stone’s color is the key way to differentiate between the two stones.

Remember, the Kiwi Jasper is a light green color that will remind you of mint.

The Dalmatian Jasper is white in color or off-white cream color.

Another way to tell the difference is by how soft the stone feels.

The Dalmatian Jasper will be softer and smoother than a Kiwi Jasper.

Can Kiwi Jasper Go In the Water?

The kiwi Jasper is safe to put in water, but it is best not to soak any stone or crystal for any length of time.

Distilled water is recommended, as tap water has chemicals that can damage the stone.

The same goes for saltwater since it can be too harsh for cleaning many different crystals and rocks.

How to Clean a Kiwi Jasper Stone

A soft cloth and warm soapy water are the easiest ways to clean Kiwi Jasper beads and jewelry.

Before storing or wearing the jewelry, make sure the stone and any settings are completely dry.

To avoid accidental scratches, the Kiwi Jasper should be kept away from harder stones.

Kiwi Jasper Metaphysical

Whenever the heart is open to receiving or giving, it is a wonderful stone to wear.

As you meditate, Kiwi Jasper is thought to cleanse the aura and balance out the Yin and Yang energies, making the user feel centered and whole.

As a result of its light colors, one may believe it sends low and intangible energy.

On the contrary, the energy the stone is though to have is a vibrant and stimulating energy, which is thought to boost one’s spirit and heighten their mood.

Also, it recommended for people in therapy or counseling who are trying to overcome negative habits.

As the stone of transformation, Kiwi Jasper is thought to align the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to facilitate out-of-body experiences.

Shamanic journeys and dream recall are also potentially possible with the stone.

Kiwi Jasper for Mental Health

Kiwi Jasper is considered a nourishing stone.

In times of stress, it is said to sustain and support us, and help us feel calm, centered, and relaxed.

The Kiwi Jasper is also highly recommended for anyone concerned about ensuring equality and justice.

As a result, we can better face reality with the emotional strength and energy we need.

Wrapping up

Despite being a new stone on the market, Kiwi Jasper is a valuable addition to any collection.

The stone’s healing powers can help you when you are stressed about going into a new direction in your life.

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