Is Malachite Toxic? (Yes, But…)

Yes, malachite is a mineral that contains toxic properties and can be hazardous to humans. 

This article will explain what malachite is, why it is toxic, and how you can enjoy it safely.

Why Is Malachite Toxic? (EXPLAINED)

Malachite can contain up to 70% copper (II) oxide (CuO), an inorganic compound. 

Malachite is especially toxic when it is broken down or when it is in the process of being broken down.  It is also hazardous to breathe in malachite dust. 

Malachite does not react with water because it is not water-soluble. 

But the mineral will interact with acid due to the copper in the malachite. 

Therefore, it is advised to never wash malachite with any kind of acids.

Water and soft soap are optimal for cleaning any malachite materials you have. 

However, it is okay to use malachite for jewelry or other fashion or recreational use, as long as it is not in the form of breaking down.

FAQ About Malachite

What is Malachite?

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, which has long been used as a mineral to form copper metal. 

It naturally forms deep in the earth and is usually found in caverns, cavities, and deep within many caves. 

The malachite gems are found in clusters known as stalactites and are usually removed in two large slabs. 

Malachite is typically a green color that ranges from pastel green to bright green and toward the end of the spectrum, with dark green. 

Its formidable color allows enthusiasts to easily identify this gem.

Is Malachite Safe to Wear?

Yes, malachite is 100% safe to wear on your skin and clothing. 

As long as the malachite is not raw or in the process of being broken down, then malachite is virtually safe to touch and wear. 

If you are wearing malachite jewelry and come into contact with an acid, then noxious fumes may be released.

What is the value of Malachite?

If you are a gem collector or a jewelry aficionado, you are likely familiar with the value of gems. 

But what about malachite? 

Surprisingly, with its beauty, the gem is not very expensive due to how commonly it can be found. 

If you decide to shop wholesale for malachite, you may be able to find a price for malachite at $1 per carat—and oftentimes, less than that price. 

It is dependent on the quality and size of the malachite piece. 

Sometimes, if you do buy malachite in bulk, the merchant or wholesaler may offer you a lower price. 

Individually, malachite gems are carved and cut with excellent craftsmanship. 

Therefore, the value of each piece of jewelry containing malachite will vary.

Where Does Malachite Naturally Form?

Malachite is prevalently found in Africa. 

The mineral malachite used to be abundant in the Ural Mountains but was spread throughout Israel and Egypt. 

This leaves the Democratic Republic of the Congo, although smaller amounts of the mineral can be found in France, Australia, and the state of Arizona in the U.S.

Malachite Jewelry is NOT Toxic to Humans. 

Malachite and Water is Hazardous to Humans in the Process of Being Broken Down. 

Raw Malachite and Malachite Dust are Hazardous to Humans. 

Do not attempt to extract this gem yourself.

Pros and Cons of Malachite

Malachite may be a common gem, but it is a beautiful gem that makes great use for jewelry, including engagement rings, and even for healing purposes. 

Many myths surround these gems, including their properties, toxicity, and uses. 

Below is a list of some pros and cons:


Inexpensive- I’m quite sure this advantage speaks for itself. 

If it does not, allow me to explain—the less money you must spend on beautiful gems, the more money you have in your wallet to buy other gems.  Or whatever you fancy.

Matches with anything-If you are something of a fashion guru or the like, then you rarely have to worry if your malachite jewelry or gem will match your outfit. 

This is because malachite is a neutral color, depending on what tint the gem is.

It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive-In this modern era, we have the capability of making anything look elegant, classy, or seductive. 

Often, it is expensive to impress. 

If you’re willing to shell out the extra cash, malachite pairs easily with other beautiful gems and cuts that will stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Malachite is a Soft Stone-This means that malachite can easily be scratched or chipped, making the gem delicate to handle. 

It requires extra care and is maybe best reserved for special events rather than everyday wear. 

If you do decide to wear malachite, just be aware that any bumps or bangs against any furniture or solid objects are a risk of damaging the gem.

No Resale Value- Many gems have a resale value. 

The resale is usually at a lower price than what the original buyer purchased it for. 

However, malachite is a common gem with little to no investment or resale value. 

The only true value of the gem is what you attribute to it. 

Just because malachite has no resale value does not mean it does not provide intrinsic value.

 NEVER Attempt to Create A Gemstone Elixir or Crystal Elixir- Many people like to use malachite as a mineral to make a crystal elixir or gemstone elixir due to the frugal nature of the gem. 

However, if you are purchasing malachite to create a gemstone elixir or crystal elixir, under no circumstances should malachite be placed anywhere near your water. 

Submerging the gem in water can be hazardous for humans. 

Never consume any substance that has been exposed to or contains malachite. 

It is recommended that malachite never be used to create a gemstone elixir or crystal elixir due to the unnecessary risks it poses.

Malachite may continue to hold the stigma that it is toxic to humans. 

That is true because of the copper material it contains; however, it is virtually 100% safe for human use in jewelry and other props you may use gems for. 

Do not worry about malachite’s toxicity and enjoy this inexpensive, beautiful gem.

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