How To Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real (Info, Tips, and Tricks)

Rose quartz is a special stone that many find both stunning and healing.

Wearing this lovely pink gem or keeping it in your home adds a pretty little pink touch to any day.

But you want to know that you are wearing or enjoying the real deal.

Follow these tips when you want to know how to tell if rose quartz is real.

How to Tell If Rose Quartz is Real (EXPLAINED)

When you want to know how to tell if rose quartz is real, look at the substance of the stone first.

If you are experienced with gems and crystals, you know that they have a rock-like appearance to them. 

They will appear like and feel like rocks that have come from somewhere.

Fakes or knock off rocks will look like glass or something that has been altered chemically.

If you see bubbles in the glass then you know that is also not a rose quartz.

When you are looking at what you think is rose quartz, one way you can tell how a rose quartz is real is by its transparency.

Rose quartz doesn’t have any at all.

It is just a pink stone with swirls of white streams in it.

These are also hard stones that can even scratch something if you want it to. 

Here are some additional tips when you want to know how to tell if rose quartz is real.

The Stone Might Not be Called Rose Quartz

When you are looking for a rose quartz, it can be easy to pick up the first stone you find and think that it’s something that it’s not.

Rose quartz will always be sold as rose quartz.

 A stone that looks like rose quartz that isn’t rose quartz will often be sold as something else though. 

Some of the names it will go by as fakes will be strawberry quartz, aura quartz, and sometimes even melon moonstone.

It may even be called something with rose or quartz in the name, but it won’t always be called rose quartz. 

Stay away from any stone that is not called rose quartz. 

The Stone is not Rose Pink

The rose quartz earns its name from by its color, which is a shortened version of rose pink.

The rose quartz has a color pattern with a very faint pink color. 

Any other color for the rose quartz will suggest that it is not a rose quartz.

You might see a stone that has bright pink and fuchsia colors.

This is not a rose quartz.

Perfectly Symmetrical 

The rose quartz is not something that has perfect patterns of its rock formations.

You aren’t going to find something that is completely evenly shaped, or have the most evenly shaped colors and formations. 

With the rose quartz, you are going to find a stone that has flaws and be unevenly shaped.

Every rose quartz has a random shape and is a unique and individual stone.

A Real Rose Quartz is Not Translucent

It’s human nature to pick up a stone, examine it, and see if we can see through it.

With a real rose quartz you can not do that.

A real rose quartz is opaque. It looks sparkly and shiny on the outside, but it is opaque and dense on the inside.

Some retailers will offer rose quartz that is translucent as a selling feature.

This is not real rose quartz.  You ca not and should not be able to see through it at any time.

Real Rose Quartz Has White Streaks That Swirl

True rose quartz is not perfectly pink. Some retailers may offer you something that they call true rose quartz that they sell as being pure in its rose properties.

These stones look entirely pink.

These are not rose quartz stones.

A good way to know how to tell if rose quartz is real is to look for the white swirls of inclusions in the stones.

That is a true marker of rose quartz, as this is what happens to the quartz during its crystallization.

Rose quartz is formed through magma rock crystallization.

During this process magmatic inclusions serve as the primary foundation of the rose quartz crystal.

Before it is mined and sold, these rocks are giant formations that look pink and white with a sparkle to it, as the white streaks function almost as veins to this crystal.

These inclusions will align with the structure of the crystals that are hexagon in nature.

That is where the white streaks come from when rose quartz is mined, polished, and sold in stores.

Fake Rose Quartz Feels Lighter

A real rose quartz is a stone that has a denseness to it.

With that denseness comes some weight.

A rose quartz will not feel light when compared to a fake that is of the same size. 

If you are picking up a stone and think it is a rose quartz, it should feel like it has some weight to it, regardless of the size of the stone.

If it feels light and almost airy, you might be holding glass.

A fake rose quartz also has a glassy look to it, in addition to a glassy weight feeling.

If you pick up a piece of glass, you know that it feels light and airy. 

That is because that is how glass is constructed.

Glass also looks shiny and glossy after its manufacturing process.

A fake rose quartz will look and feel like glass, because it probably is glass that has been painted to look like rose quartz.

Glass has air in it, and so does fake rose quartz.

Look for air bubbles or air pockets in it, and you will see that this is a fake rose quartz.

Invest in Rose Quartz Today

When you are trying to learn how to tell if rose quartz is real, use these tips as your guide.

Rose quartz is an affordable stone, you don’t really need to purchase fakes to get the beauty and density of this stunning gem.

Invest in real rose quartz today, and you will appreciate every moment that you have it in your home, or wear it as a gem.

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