How Much Is Black Jade Worth? (ANSWERED)

Black jade is an ornamental stone that is popular for use in jewelry and ornate carving.

Jade has a spectrum of colors, the most prominent being green, black, and white jade. So, how much is black jade worth?

To determine how much black jade is worth, we need to look at the composition of the stone.

How Much Is Black Jade Worth? (EXPLAINED)

What is Black Jade?

Jade is a unique stone with a deep history.

It is a metamorphic rock that is formed in environments that combine great amounts of pressure and heat.  

The ideal environment to form black jade is inside of or near fault lines.

That provides the applicable power to create the stone.

As fault lines move together they generate great amounts of pressure, while also generating heat, thus forming many types of unique stones, including jade.

Jade comes in several colors ranging from white, gray, yellow, orange, red, green, purple, and black.

The most popular of these colors are the white, green, and black varieties of jade.

The color of jade is determined by the amount of iron and manganese. 

Black jade comes in two varieties; nephrite or jadeite. 

Nephrite jade is composed of dense and fibrous crystal clusters.

It is made up of both jade and actinolite, which makes it a softer stone.

Nephrite jade has a mineral compound of calcium magnesium silicate.

Jadeite is a stone that has a glassy feel to it and can feel almost wax-like.

Jadeite is made up of a mineral compound of sodium aluminum silicate.

When the compounds of both nephrite and jadeite are combined with graphite or iron oxide, the black color develops.

Is Black Jade Expensive?

When it comes to determining how much black jade is worth, it comes down to the type of black jade.

Jadeite black jade is the more expensive and sought-after form of black jade.

As jadeite is rare and difficult to find. It also has properties that make it not only stunning but also a very durable and hard stone.

So, just how expensive is it?

One carat of jadeite can cost around $3 million.

In comparison, nephrite jade is priced between $100 to $1000 per pound. 

The reason that jadeite is so expensive is because of just how rare it is.

In comparison to nephrite black jade, jadeite is a much stronger, smoother stone and boasts a vivid black color.

Black jade is evaluated on the market by color, transparency, crystal size, and texture.

While not all black jade is transparent, some forms of it do, particularly when direct light is shining on the stone.

The translucent black jadeite when light shines through it can appear to have almost a deep green color, making it well sought after and expensive.

Black jadeite that is not translucent still has a deep black color and a smooth, polished surface.

You have to consider too what black jade will be used for.

For example, when you are looking at ornate jewelry that includes black jade, the prices can range anywhere from under $100 to thousands of dollars, depending on which type of black jade is used. 

Where Can You Find Black Jade?

Black jade can be found in several locations across the world.

Nephrite can be found in areas of the U.S. in places like California and Wyoming.

It is typically found close to or formed on fault lines. 

Jadeite, however, is far rarer.

Jadeite deposits are found along fault serpentinites.

Serpentinites are groups of minerals that form clustered rocks.

Black jade jadeite can be found in or near these clusters in several regions across the world.

It can be found in Burma, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, Guyana, Surinam, southern Europe, Russia, and China. 

The most sought-after location for finding top-quality jade is in Burma.

Jade found in Burma is jadeite and is referred to as Burmese jadeite.

The Chinese, who are one of the largest consumers of jade in the world, typically seek out Burmese jadeite due to its superior quality.

What is Black Jade Used For?

The stunning stone has many uses.

Over the centuries, different cultures and regions have created jewelry and objects out of black jade.

Due in part to its strong composition, black jade is very versatile. 

Black jade, particularly the jadeite type, is seen in jewelry.

This can be everyday jewelry or jewelry that has cultural significance.

Nephrite is also used to create jewelry that comes at a more affordable price point than jadeite.

Black jade jewelry can include everything from necklaces, pendants, bracelets, cuffs, rings, and earrings. 

As with many precious stones, black jade has a meaning behind it.

Black jade represents a sense of power, protection, self-control, wisdom, and purification.

Many cultures believe that wearing black jade will bless you with all of these attributes as you go through life.

Black jade is also frequently used to create ornate bowls, serving platters, plates, and even cups.

This practice spans back centuries and many of these artifacts can be priceless.

Black jade was also used to create weapons.

Spear tips, knives, and axes are crafted from both nephrite and jadeite.

These weapons are ornate and typically used for ceremonial purposes. 

Another very common use for black jade is the creation of ornate statues and figures.

Having these in your house is thought to provide you with the same attributes that wearing black jade blesses you with.

With all of these items, the price and rarity depend on whether it is composed of nephrite or jadeite.

The quality of the stone itself and the location where it was found also comes into play.

So Just How Much Does Black Jade Cost?

The cost of jade varies drastically.

As with most stones, you have to take into account the quality and the type.

Jadeite black jade costs significantly more, reaching up to $3 million per carat.

Nephrite jade is easier to find and of a different quality; it typically costs around $100 to $1000 per pound.

The cost of black jade also depends on what it is being used for, from jewelry, carving, masks, or other cultural applications. 

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