Gifts For Geology Students: 12 Helpful Gift Ideas You Can Find On Amazon

Finding gifts for geology students (or just gifts for rock and mineral lovers, more broadly speaking), can be difficult to do. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some of the great gifts for geology students that you can find on Amazon.

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Gifts For Geology Students

Geology for Dummies

Geology for Dummies is part of a series of books that label themselves as being for dummies.

In reality, they’re more like an introduction to various topics. Their book on geology is great for any rock enthusiast or student, as it will give them the basic knowledge to start down the path into the world of geology.

This book is a manageable read that’s going to make understanding geology a lot easier than it otherwise could be, especially when compared to dry textbooks on the subject.

Geology for Dummies does take a very broad view of the subject, which is part of why students who need that base to build their understanding will like it so much. In fact, this might be the best gift for a rising geology student, who is looking at entering their first term in the near future.

Everything from understanding plate tectonics to different types of rocks is in here. Your student will head into that first term with some basic understanding already under their belt.

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid-Waterproof Hiking Boot

The best way to go out and add to your rock collection is by going into nature and finding new rocks.

It can be an exciting way to get hands-on experience and better understand which rocks come from which environments.

Of course, when it comes to being safe, there are precautions that you need to take when hiking, like telling someone where you’ll be going and wearing the proper clothes.

Part of those proper clothes includes wearing hiking boots. These will give you ankle support when walking over rocky terrain.

It will also keep your feet protected from being cut or bitten by anything that you might come across in the woods.

By choosing to go with waterproof boots on top of that you can be prepared for any weather that you come across, as well as look for rocks along streams and rivers easier.

This is one of the great Amazon geology gifts that can help students most of all. After all, it will give them a chance to spend time learning about rocks in a more hands-on manner.

These high quality boots make a great gift for a geology student because most students do not have a lot of cash to invest in really good hiking boots. They will appreciate these boots way more than think.

Advanced Professional Rock Tumbler Kit

When it comes to Amazon rock gifts, a rock tumbler is one of the best options that you have available to you.

Essentially, a rock tumbler is a tool that can be used to turn an everyday rock into a polished stone. The type of rocks that collectors like, generally speaking, are polished.

This will allow any amateur geologist or rock collector to polish their own rocks and add them to their collection themselves. Now, they won’t have to actually buy polished rocks. Instead, they will get to be a part of the process from top to bottom.

By using a rock tumbler, amateur geologists will be able to get a better understanding of the entire process around rocks and how they become a consumer product.

Furthermore, it will help them feel a deeper connection to their own collection.

Geology Graphic T’s

One of the best ways for a geology student to show off their love for the subject is with a geology graphic t-shirt.

Of course, when it comes to t-shirts, it’s better to be funny and show off some personality.

That’s why, as far as funny geologist gifts go, there is a lot of room to operate in terms of a graphic t-shirt. Try one that plays on words.

This will show off that you are both interested in geology and have a sense of humor.

Polished Natural Gemstones

A great option for anyone new to geology is to purchase a collection of natural gemstones for them. That’s because, in a lot of ways, this is a great way to spark interest in someone.

The various beautiful, polished stones made from rose quartz, agate, and so many other types of rocks will make for the great start of a collection to work out from.

This is particularly good for anyone who doesn’t have the time or the means to find and polish their own rocks, but still has the interest.

In most cases, polished gemstones will also come with a guide to the various stones that they include. This will help a geology student build their understanding of stones and deepen their appreciation for their collection.

Any student of geology or geology enthusiast needs to have a collection to call their own. This is a great starting point for them to work from and expand their collection upon.

National Geographic Pocket Guide to Rocks and Minerals of North America

There are very few resources better for understanding the natural world than National Geographic.

This pocket sized guide book is one of the best gifts for academics and amateurs alike in the world of geology.

There are a few reasons for this.

The first is that the language in National Geographic makes everything very clear to understand, making it attainable for everyone.

Secondly, this pocket guide is designed to help you identify and learn about different rocks throughout North America.

Furthermore, due to its size, it can easily be taken on hikes or trips out to look for rocks, making it a useful tool to identify rocks in nature.

The National Geographic Pocket Guide to Rocks and Minerals of North America is a great gift for students who are trying to learn about rocks.

It’s both interesting and practical, which means it’s one of the things a student geologist will get the most use out of.

SE 20 oz. Rock Pick Hammer

If a rock hammer sounds familiar, you can probably thank Andy Dufresne and the Shawshank Redemption, as that’s the tool he used to carve rocks and a tunnel out of prison.

Well, for a student geologist the former use is the preferred one. That’s why this lightweight rock pick hammer is a great gift.

It will allow someone to take the rocks that they find or have in their collection and carve them into small figurines.

They can be anything you’d like them to be, from a chess set to a statue.

Just polish them down once you’ve used the rock hammer to carve them, and then you’ll have a finished product.

The great thing about carving your own stones is that it gives you a personal connection with your collection and the things you carved with them.

Everything you have and find will just mean more to you.

Searching for specific types of rocks will become a challenge, as you try to fill out a collection of carved stones.

In other words, a rock pick hammer is a great gift for anyone interested in the entire process behind finding and carving rocks as a finished product.

Stansport Mining Kit

Here is a bit of a unique choice.

A Stansport Mining Kit includes multiple gold pans and gold vials, as well as tweezers, a magnifier, a classifier, a snuffer bottle, and a small spade.

With this you can, quite literally, prospect for gold.

It’s a completely unique experience that anyone with an interest in geology, history, or the world around them will love.

It works by filling the gold pans with dirt and rocks from the bottom of a stream or river.

You then use the snuffer bottle to clean off what you scooped before straining out the dirt and sand.

Whatever is left is what you found. In the case of a prospector, hopefully gold.

As a student of geology, hopefully anything interesting.

You probably aren’t going to strike it rich. However, this is still a fun and educational activity.

After all, you’re learning in a practical way how prospectors mined for gold.

It’s exciting, and you can still make a lot of interesting finds, even if gold isn’t among them that will excite you.

Soap Rocks Set

Getting a soap rocks set is a great choice for a student who is quickly becoming obsessed with geology and wants to make it a part of their everyday life.

At its core, you get six bars of high-end soap.

Except, beyond just being quality soap, this soap is designed to look like polished and ornate gems and stones.

For anyone who loves rocks, this is a fun and exciting gift to open up.

It helps them surround themselves in the world of geology that they love, and at the same time it is practical being a product that most people use every single day.

Agate Bookends

Agate is one of the most beautiful gemstones that you can find and add to your collection.

That’s what is so amazing about these agate bookends.

They are practical.

A bookend is used to keep books balanced standing upwards on a shelf or countertop.

So, someone could use their agate bookends to hold their cookbooks standing up in the kitchen, or the books that they read for fun on the shelf.

They could even be used to hold up your books on geology, playing into the theme of the books they’ll be holding up.

Besides being beautiful and practical, which should be enough, agate bookends do a great job showing off a person’s personality.

If someone loves rocks and geology, then why not show it off?

These bookends are a subtle but effective way to decorate your home while showing off that side of your personality.

12 Piece Rock Hounding and Gem Mining Geology Tool Kit

In a lot of ways, this rockhounding and gem mining kit is the ultimate gift for an amateur geologist.

This kit offers all the different tools that any amateur geologist is going to need to find different rocks and gems while they’re outdoors.

This will be everything that someone needs to start finding their collection their own, rather than buying rocks from a store or vendor.

It will help someone to have a hands-on experience with their collection, making them feel more attached to the rocks and gemstones than they otherwise would be if they simply purchased them.

There are twelve different pieces that come in this set.

This includes a chisel kit, a bag and carrying case, a shovel set, safety glasses, and a compass. In other words, it has everything you need to safely go out into nature to rock hound in your spare time.

This also makes it an ideal gift for anyone who has a love of the outdoors as well as rocks and gemstones.

LED Lighted Zoom Pocket Microscope with Aspheric Lens System

This LED microscope is pocket sized, which makes it fairly easy to transport to wherever you’re going to need it.

That’s pretty convenient for a student geologist, who could be at home, the library, or even in nature when they have a need to use this.

You’d want to choose LED lights for your microscope because of how bright they are. This will allow your rocks and minerals to be even clearer under the lens than they normally would be with a regular light bulb, allowing you to see more microscopic detail.

The aspheric lens system is important because aspheric lenses correct for spherical aberration. In other words, they won’t allow light to hit the wrong way and blur the image that you see.

This is great for students and anyone who is studying geology, as it will help them to study the rocks they find.

Instead of looking to see what we see with the naked eye, which is generally aesthetics when it comes to rocks, you can see what it is made out of and how it was formed.

In the case of volcanic rocks, for instance, you will both get a better idea of how they were formed when you do this, but also a better appreciation for their beauty as the images of volcanic rock under a microscope are stunning.

If you don’t already have a strong working knowledge of what tools and resources people who love geology need or use, it can be a little overwhelming.

Luckily, however, there are plenty of options to choose from and almost anything you can imagine is available on Amazon.

Wrap Up

We genuinely hope that this list made life a bit easier for you and that your loved one or friend will enjoy these specially selected gifts for geology students.

If you need more ideas, check out our Ultimate Rockhounder’s Gift Guide which has more than 50 gift ideas.

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