Foggy Mountain Gem Mine (North Carolina): Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip  

In this article, we’ll look at some important tips to make the most of your trip to the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine in North Carolina.

Foggy Mountain Gem Mine (North Carolina)

In the picturesque High Country of North Carolina, Boone’s mountain city, the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine, is family-owned and run and has been that way for years.

Because of the experience provided by their skilled personnel and because they provide buckets of the finest gems from the world’s top gem mines, they are now a famous gem mine in their region.

They encourage you to come and satisfy your desire for a gem mining adventure by panning for gems and experiencing the thrill of discovery.

For nearly 200 years, gem mining has been a part of High Country’s history and legacy.

The first substantial gold rush in the United States occurred in North Carolina’s mountains. Gem mines are no longer solely for prospectors.

Visitors to Foggy Mountain Gem Mine get hands-on experience and instruction in gem mining.

Gem mining has been practiced since the first people arrived in the North Carolina mountains.

It is now something that visitors expect to see when they visit.

Combining their knowledge with education is the top priority at the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine.

Upon leaving their store, you’ll know something you didn’t know when you first walked there.

Foggy Mountain’s owners and the team have successfully passed on their knowledge and excitement about gem mining to consumers for over 30 years.

Customers can expect a pleasant mining experience from Foggy Mountain Gem Mine’s highly educated and competent crew.

With many long-term employees, their workforce has decades of expertise.

Their crew is eager to present you with a mining adventure that you and your family will remember for years.

Foggy Mountain Gem Stone History

Dana Morace created the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine when she discovered lapidary (the technique of converting stones into jewels).

Her passion for lapidary led her to start a gem mining company, which became a pleasant, intriguing, and positive family activity.

Over the years, she grew a successful business by sharing her passion and providing an excellent experience for visitors worldwide.

Nick Vames, her son, now runs the company and continues to expand it by giving the same professional and personal service that his mother did.

As a result, the mine still produces the best-colored gemstones in the world today.

Each bucket they offer is assured to include rubies, emeralds, sapphires, garnets, tourmalines, citrines, amethysts, and much more.

Gem Bucket Prices At The Foggy Mountain Gem Mine

You can purchase ready-filled buckets of ore.

With set prices on bucket sizes, there is something for every group and budget.

Foggy Mountain’s high-quality ore mixes are from some of the best mines in the world.

Customers will find gems inside their buckets; if not, they will give them another bucket for free.

2-gallon bucket $30.00

5-gallon bucket $70.00

11-gallon pail $120.00

33-gallons $325.00

Which Stones Can I Find At Foggy Mountain Gem Mine?

Foggy Mountain is a company that imports high-quality raw gemstone ore from some of the world’s most prestigious mines.

As a result, gem miners have unearthed emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tourmaline, garnet, amethyst, and citrine, among other jewels.

The proprietors’ travels worldwide to the most significant gem mines ensure this. As a result, you can count on high-quality gemstones.

Once you’ve collected your stones, Foggy Mountain’s qualified staff members will explain what the rocks in your bucket mean.

How Do I Find Gems At Foggy Mountain Gem Mine?

Upon your visit to the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine, you will sift through dirt and rock using water flumes to uncover your riches, much like the ancient miners did.

Because they offer both outside and interior flumes, you can look for various colored gemstones regardless of the weather.

They include genuine unpolished gems in each bucket of their gemstone mixes. Every time you visit, they guarantee you will find a treasure.

What Else Is There To Do At Foggy Mountain Gem Mine?

Foggy Mountain’s team has successfully passed on their knowledge and excitement about gem mining to consumers for over 30 years.

Therefore, they offer fantastic extras you can enjoy while visiting the mine.

Gemstone Cutting, Setting, And More

Foggy Mountain offers more than just gem mining: they also provide bespoke gemstone cutting and setting, museum-quality gemstone and mineral specimens, valuable jewelry, and gifts!

Stone Cutting Service

Customers may use Foggy Mountain’s stone-cutting service once they’ve uncovered some rough stones during their mining adventure:

  1. The personnel will assist them in identifying and sorting them.
  2. The experienced staff will advise which stones would be most acceptable to cut, polish, and create into appealing jewelry.
  3. As they specialize in lapidary (making stones into jewels), the staff can take your order and turn it into one-of-a-kind jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Customers may also use this service for rough stones that they already own.

Rare Gem Collection

Foggy Mountain has an incredibly rare gem collection displayed that is truly amazing.

Nick Vames has compiled a unique collection of gems from his travels worldwide

. Nick continually looks for other rare gems to add to his collection when he visits the world’s best gem mines and remote locations.

The staff love to answer questions about any of the gems on display. Some of the stunning gems are available to purchase too.

Best Time To Visit Foggy Mountain Gem Mine

While you and your family are in the mountains, you may escape the cold by engaging in indoor mining activities.

During the frigid winter months, Foggy Mountain includes several inside flumes where clients may experience indoor mining in a temperature-controlled environment.

Foggy Mountain Gem Mine Location And Opening Hours

Any time of the year is the perfect time for guests to get their hands dirty with their gem mining experience at Foggy Mountain Gem Mine.

Keep an eye out for one of the glittering diamonds as you sift and clean the rocks.

There are two Foggy Mountain Gem Mine locations you can visit.

The first site is at 4416 NC Highway 105 South Boone, with the second at 2422 Highway 321 South, Boone, NC 28607.

Both sites are open seven days a week, although they may close early in the winter. It is also accessible for disabled customers and those with special needs.


There is no better thrill for the entire family than a visit to the Foggy Mountain Gem Mine.

You will depart with some stunning gems and an authentic mining experience, which you may turn into exquisite pieces of jewelry to pass down to your children and grandkids.

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