Why Is Marble Cold? (ANSWERED)

If you’re a rock enthusiast, then you might think that marble is pretty interesting. One question that many people have about this particular rock is why is marble cold? Answer: marble conducts heat in a different way than other materials. Marble is very thick and compressed, making it easy for heat to escape the marble quickly. Here … Read more

How Much Is Black Hills Gold Worth?

Gold is gold. Whether it comes from the Black Hills, or you mined in South Africa, gold holds the same value. How Much Is Black Hills Gold Worth? (EXPLAINED) You can learn the price of this moment by visiting Apmex. Black Hills gold holds the same value as gold from any other source. Now that we’ve … Read more

Limestone vs Dolostone: What Are They, And What’s The Difference?

When it comes to limestone and dolostone, many people think they are the same thing but they are not. While there are many several similarities between the two, there are also just as many differences.  Limestone vs Dolostone (EXPLAINED) About 20 to 25 percent of all sedimentary rock is carbonate rock with the majority of … Read more

Will Gold Ever Be Worthless? (ANSWERED)

The Internet remains glutted with blogs crying foul and screaming the sky is falling with respect to gold, but in truth, gold will always hold value. Will Gold Ever Be Worthless? (ANSWER EXPLAINED) All investments will fluctuate throughout time, but gold’s many uses support the conclusion that it will always hold value. While gold prices … Read more

Does Gold Have Intrinsic Value? (ANSWERED)

Yes, gold has intrinsic value. But reaching that conclusion is far from simple. Gold gets its value from people’s perceptions and its application as money. In the article that follows, we look at the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic value, the history of gold, and the reasons why this yellow metal is so valuable today. … Read more