Is Sand a Mixture? (Or a Compound?)

Yes, sand is a mixture. It is made up or more than one substance, and those substances are not chemically bonded to each other (meaning they are easily separated). In the article that follows, we’ll explain what a mixture is and why it is that sand is a mixture. Why Is Sand a Mixture? First, … Read more

Is Carbon Dioxide a Mixture? (Or a Compound?)

No, carbon dioxide is not a mixture. Carbon dioxide is composed of carbon chemically bonded to oxygen. Because of this chemical bond that is difficult to break, carbon dioxide is not considered a mixture. Instead, carbon dioxide is considered to be a compound. Feeling confused? Let us explain, and answer some more carbon dioxide related … Read more

Is Water a Mixture? (Or is Water a Compound?)

No, pure water is not a mixture. The elements of water are bonded to each other (hydrogen and oxygen), and it is difficult to separate them. However, it is rare to find water is that is “purely” water anywhere on the Earth. For this reason, the water that comes out of your tap and that … Read more

Is Blood a Mixture? (Or a Solution? Or a Compound?)

Blood is a mixture. it contains multiple substances that are not chemically bonded to each other, and those substances can be separated from each other without a chemical reaction. Want to learn more about what a mixture is and why blood qualifies? Check out the article that follows. Why is Blood a Mixture? First, let’s … Read more

Is Air a Mixture? (Or A Compound? Or An Element?)

Yes, air is a mixture because it is make up or more than one substance and those substances can be separated. Want to learn more, or understand why people are confused about whether air is a mixture or a compound? We’ll explain in the article below. Why Is Air a Mixture? First, let’s talk about … Read more