Cleaning Rocks With Muriatic Acid: 3 Things You Should Know

Muriatic acid (aka Hydrochloric acid) is a strong acid that is frequently used in homes and businesses. You can use it to process leather, pickle steel, change pH, and clean off rocks. And when faced with stubborn stains and/or encrustations, you’ll see rockhounds and quartz hunters cleaning rocks with products like citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, … Read more

Rockhounding Washington State: 10+ Amazing Sites You Should Check Out

Rockhounding Washington State is definitely something for a rock collector’s bucket list. Aside from the crazy beauty of the state (trees, rivers, mountains, beaches) you can find an extraordinary variety of unique rocks and fossils. Due to years of significant volcanic activity in the state, you’ll be able to hunt for and find agate, jasper, … Read more

Rockhounding Oregon: 10 Gorgeous Locations To Find Unique Treasures

Oregon’s diverse landscape of creeks, beaches, lava flows, and rocky mountain sides makes rockhounding Oregon a memorable experience. You’ll find opportunities to hunt for unique rocks on public lands (for free) and private lands (with permission and sometimes a fee). Across the state, you’ll have opportunities to find marine fossils, thunder eggs, agate, jasper, petrified … Read more