Lagoon Campground Review (Oregon)

We just got back from two nights at Lagoon Campground, located about 8 miles south of the big bridge in Florence, Oregon. Summary: We enjoyed our stay (and would go again), but there were a few things that could have made it more enjoyable. Lagoon Campground Review (Oregon) Trip Date: July 2022 About Lagoon Campground … Read more

Crater Lake National Park (Oregon): FAQs For The First Time Visitor

Crater Lake in Oregon is one of the deepest and clearest lakes on Earth.  Find the answers to all your questions here to make the most of your Crater Lake National Park visit.  Where Is Crater Lake National Park? Crater Lake National Park is in southern Oregon, about 100 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.  Crater … Read more

Skylight Cave (Oregon): 5 Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip  

Skylight Cave is one of Oregon’s incredible natural phenomena. The attraction is in Deschutes County, the USA, about nine miles north west from Sisters, east of Belknap Crater. The tourist highlight is noted for its three skylights, which shine down into the cave, emitting spectacular beams of light. According to forest officials, the little cave … Read more

Skeleton Cave (Oregon): 7 Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip  

Skeleton Cave is a fun place to visit that doubles as a refreshing way to fight the summer’s searing heat while learning something new about Oregon. Explore the magnificent Skeleton Cave in the town of Bend amongst Central Oregon’s volcanic scenery. Where Is Skeleton Cave? The Skelton Cave is located on the northern flank of … Read more

Arnold Ice Cave (Oregon): 9 Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip

If you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure in Oregon, look no further than Arnold Ice Cave. This natural wonder is a must-see for any nature lover or explorer, and we’ve got all the insider tips to help you make the most of your trip. Arnold Ice Cave (Oregon): 9 Insider Tips Introduction First things first: … Read more

Redmond Caves (Oregon): 10 Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip

The Redmond Caves are located in Central Oregon and offer a great day-trip destination for those interested in spelunking and caving. Native Americans have been using the caves for the last 6,000 years, and this magnificent park is open year-round for tourists to enjoy. It is believed to have formed by lava flow from Newberry … Read more

Fort Rock Cave (Oregon): Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip

Fort Rock Cave is located approximately 70 miles southeast of Bend, Oregon in the desert. It is of the historical significance of being the oldest discovered site of human habitation. The presence of sandals made from bark and sagebrush plus homemade stone tools dates back about 9,000 years. The Formation of Fort Rock Cave Positioned … Read more

Paisley Caves (Oregon): 5 Insider Tips To Make The Best Of Your Trip

Oregon is a state ideal for hiking enthusiasts. The landscape offers something for every outdoor enthusiast, including mountains, secluded hiking trails, beachside cliffs, and, of course, several caves. Oregon is home to one set of caves that is on The National Parks Service’s nation’s most important archaeological and historic sites. Paisley Caves: Digging Deep into … Read more