How to Polish Selenite: Essential Tips For Beginners

Selenite is a very versatile stone, but can be challenging to care for. In this article, we highlight the essential tips beginners need to know as they learn how to polish selenite. Links to product in this article are Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases at … Read more

Is Bumblebee Jasper Toxic? (Read This Before You Wear It)

Did you know Bumblebee Jasper isn’t actually jasper at all, and contains arsenic? In this article, we’ll discuss what Bumblebee Jasper really is, and just how dangerous it is (or isn’t) to humans. Why Is Bumblebee Jasper Toxic? (Or Not?) What is Bumblebee Jasper? Bumblebee jasper is a strikingly beautiful material, formed from a mixture … Read more