Can Limestone Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

No, limestone cannot scratch glass. In the article that follows, we’ll explain the why and the what, and in the end, you’ll know a lot more about limestone. Can Limestone Scratch Glass? (EXPLAINED) In 1812, a mineralist named Friedrich Mohs created a scale to evaluate minerals for their hardness.  The scape is known as the … Read more

Can Black Obsidian Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

Yes! Overall, though we almost never recommend extended soaking, it is safe to put your Black Obsidian in water. Let us explain. Can Black Obsidian Go In Water? (EXPLAINED) Obsidian is just hard enough. It has a rating of between 5 and 6 according to the Mohs Scale. You should take care though not to … Read more

Can Feldspar Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

In short, yes, feldspar can scratch glass, but not by much. It is slightly harder than glass as a mineral, but not hard enough to make big gouging scratches like a diamond would produce, for example. In this article, we’ll talk about feldspar (background and characteristics), so you can learn about this versatile stone. Can … Read more

Can Howlite Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

Howlite, although it is a borate mineral, can go in the water short periods of time. You mustn’t keep this stone in water for long hours or wet for too long because too much water can begin to break down the stone’s surface and molecular structure. In this article, we will do a short overview … Read more

Can Zoisite Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

Yes, zoisite can go in water without damage, so long as you do not soak the material for extended periods of time. Let us explain, and you’ll learn more about zoisite in the process. Can Zoisite Go In Water? (EXPLAINED) Can Zoisite Go In Water? That depends on whether Zoisite can swim! People who were … Read more

Can Emerald Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

Yes, Emerald can scratch glass. Let us explain why, and also give you more information about emeralds. Can Emerald Scratch Glass? (EXPLAINED) Emerald is a fantastic stone that has a vibrancy and color that are thrilling and gorgeous. Emeralds are a gemstone that comes from the mineral beryl and that are rather hard on the … Read more