Sleeping With Garnet (Tips For Beginners)

Garnet is a beautiful silicate mineral primarily utilized in jewelry and decor. Friends and colleagues often recommend sleeping with stones, but provide little advice about how to go about it. In the following article, here are tips about how to make sleeping with garnets work for you. Sleeping with Garnet (Explained) Introduction to Garnet Stones … Read more

Sleeping With Fluorite (3 Tips For Beginners)

This stone that comes in many colors is often used by those looking to improve their sleep. While sleeping with stones is often recommended, there is generally little advice about how to go about it, aside from potential placements of the stone in the bedroom. In the article that follows, we offer tips to help … Read more

Sleeping With Celestite (3 Tips For Beginners)

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Kiwi Jasper: Identification, Uses, and Meaning  

A Kiwi Jasper crystal makes the perfect addition to your collection, as it is often used by crystals practitioners to assist with stress relief. We’ll discuss Kiwi Jasper and how it’s a great addition to a crystal collection in the following sections. What Is a Kiwi Jasper? The stone is also called Sesame Jasper. Both … Read more

Sleeping with Carnelian (3 Tips For Beginners)

Carnelian is a beautiful and popular (if sometimes misidentified) stone among collectors who enjoy hiking and beachcombing. There is a lot of well-meaning but vague around the internet about sleeping with stones and crystals for health and benefits. In this article, we’ll give you three things that you need to know about sleeping with carnelian. … Read more

Sleeping With Citrine (For Beginners)

Citrine is a positive, beautiful, well-known stone among collectors and crystals practitioners. There is tons of conflicting advice about sleeping with crystals and stones like citrine. In this article, we’ll give you our take on what we think you need to know about sleeping with this stone. Sleeping with Citrine (Explained) Citrine Facts Citrine is … Read more

Sleeping with Bloodstone (For Beginners)

Occasionally difficult to identify, easy to obtain, bloodstone has an attention catching name and a dramatic appearance. While people may disagree about whether or not sleeping with crystals makes a difference, this article will help you get started. Sleeping with Bloodstone (Explained) Bloodstone Facts Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope. It is a mixture, usually … Read more