Can Labradorite Get Wet?

Yes, labradorite can get wet. That being said, we don’t recommend that you soak this material extensively in water or a salt water solution because it can damage the crystal. Why Can Labradorite Get Wet? (EXPLAINED) Important Labradorite Physical Characteristics To Know For This Discussion Most of the information online about putting labradorite in water … Read more

Can Black Tourmaline Go In Water?

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Sleeping With Moldavite: A Beginner’s Guide

Moldavite is an enigmatic stone. Formed by a meteorite impact millions of years ago, and beautiful in color, it a stone that people often purchase just to say that they have one. But others collect it for its metaphysical properties. It is thought to aide in a myriad of ways, like helping to heighten self-awareness, … Read more

Is Rose Quartz Toxic? (Stop and Read This First)

Yes, technically rose quartz is toxic. However, this really isn’t the end of the discussion about the dangerousness of rose quartz. The thing about minerals and crystals is that while most of them are safe to handle, some of them are not, and then with others, it depends on the situation. In this article we’ll … Read more