Carnelian vs Red Jasper: What Are They, And What’s The Difference?

Carnelian vs red jasper: two stones with similarities that are so close that many people confuse them.

Both are precious stones that are sometimes known as healing crystals by New Age proponents.

They are close in shades but different in almost many other ways.

Learn more about the differences between carnelian vs red jasper with this guide.

Carnelian vs Red Jasper (EXPLAINED)

Red Jasper Facts

Red jasper is a red-colored speckled stone, but that is just one of many red jasper properties that make it a cherished stone for décor or jewelry.

The name red jasper comes from the Latin word “iaspidem” and the French term “jaspre.”

Its speckles are a result of inclusions of mineral and ash sediment that are found inside the crystal.

This is one of the red jasper facts that are difficult to conceptualize.

When you think of a diamond being an imperfect stone, it would have inclusions that impact is clarity and color.

Red jasper is the same. The speckles you see on it are mineral and ash.

Unlike diamond inclusions, some people find this adds to red jasper beauty.

Red jasper is of the quartz chalcedony class and has the chemical formula of SiO2 which is silicon dioxide.

It has a hardness level of 6.5 to 7 and said to have vitreous luster.

Red jasper properties also include opaque transparency.

Red jasper has the color of brick-red, but it does come in a number of different shades of the red and orange family.

Its reddish tone is a result of iron that makes it opaque, and it is also red due to its silicon dioxide properties.

Red Jasper can be found in countries all over the world but is found most often in Russia, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, and Egypt.

It is formed from deposits deep within the crust of the Earth from volcanic ash.

It becomes a hardened rock from precipitation, after which it is mined and sold commercially.

Many people love red jasper today because it is beautiful, and it creates stunning jewelry.

However, some believe that it has metaphysical properties and can promote healing.

Red jasper is sometimes called by New Age proponents as a Stone of Endurance, and some believe that it can be used to release a specific power to the person who is wearing it.

Native Americans often refer to this stone as Blood of Mother due to its color and use it for stamina and healing as well.

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Carnelian Facts

The name carnelian comes from the Latin name “carnel” which means flesh and also berry.

Carnelian properties are similar to red jasper properties, and it does look like a berry when shown as a rock or crystal.

It is also of the quartz and chalcedony family, and is usually red and orange, and sometimes even a pink hue.

Unlike red jasper, carnelian is a translucent stone.

Carnelian facts indicate that it is also silicon dioxide.

Its hardness level is slightly higher than red jasper. Carnelian has a hardness of 7 and a vitreous luster.

Carnelian properties show that it is transparent, but can appear opaque on occasion.

Carnelian is found all over the world, but most often found in Brazil, Egypt, Uruguay, and the Amazon.

It is also mined in the United States, Germany, Scotland, and Slovakia.

Carnelian is also used by New Age proponents, who find it to have a life energy that gives them power.

Some say it releases them from psychic vampires or can help in creative pursuits.

It is also sometimes used with lower chakra healing, and some believe that it can help them restore intimate activity or passion when they are lacking it.

Similarities Between Carnelian vs Red Jasper

The similarities between carnelian vs red jasper lie in their properties.

They are both stones that are classified as silicon dioxide.

They are similar in hardness, but carnelian’s hardness level is closer to 7, while red jasper has a hardness that is usually closer to 6.5.  

Both stones are similar in color, but not identical.

Carnelian has a tendency to be closer to brown, while red jasper is a brick-red shade.

Red jasper also has inclusions in it which make it look speckled or streaked.

Carnelian can be seen with spots on occasion.

From a metaphysical perspective, they are both said to help increase with tapping into one’s personal power.

This is not the only thing people use them for.

They are both used in jewelry and for home décor by many that don’t subscribe to New Age principles.

Differences Between Carnelian vs Red Jasper

Both stones have very similar hardness levels that vary by just a fraction.

Even so, that fraction of hardness makes a difference in their overall makeup, how they are used, and even how they are handled.

Carnelian is a harder stone by hardness level, but this makes it a more stable stone that can be more porous.

This makes it more absorbent but also more resilient to exposure to moisture.

Red jasper on the other hand is less porous and impermeable in nature.

It is not as easy to work with as carnelian.

Their translucency is also a key difference between the two stones.

Carnelian is more translucent and can attract more light or sparkle than red jasper.

Red jasper on the other hand is opaque and a much darker shade.

You still can see light through the edges of red jasper.

Red jasper will also show more splotches than carnelian does.

The two stones are used for different metaphysical purposes as well.

Both are red in color which is why they are often confused.

They also both are used for personal power in the world of crystal healing, but their metaphysical definitions are slightly different.

Carnelian promotes creativity and is said to help New Age users make better life choices.

They believe it helps to motivate them for success and power, and New Age users believe it helps them to overcome abuse.

Trust is something that people believe they can be helped with when they use or wear carnelian.

It is said to provide personal power through stabilizing. It may even help some people believe they can overcome anger. 

Red jasper on the other hand has different metaphysical properties according to New Age wisdom.

Many believe that it helps with insight and helps people feel more grounded.

They use it to help them remember dreams but also assert personal power and boundaries. 

Carnelian vs Red Jasper: Two Good Choices

Although these two gems have slight differences in properties, colors, and metaphysical uses, they are very similar when it comes to their use.

It doesn’t matter what you want to use them for.

They are beautiful no matter where you use them, in the house, jewelry, or for your own sense of healing.

You don’t have to choose between them, you can choose them both and feel something around you become more beautiful.

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