Can You Wear Amethyst Everyday?

Yes, you can wear amethyst everyday, though not everyone agrees.

Let us explain.

Can You Wear Amethyst Everyday?

Why Do People Wear Amethyst?

The most popular reason people wear amethyst is for its supposed ability to help soothe and calm the mind.

Amethyst is said to be a natural stress reliever, and many people find that wearing the gemstone helps them to feel more relaxed.

Amethyst is also said to be helpful for those who suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

The gemstone is thought to promote restful sleep and to ward off nightmares.

Will Wearing Amethyst Everyday Harm The Stone?

Amethyst is a durable gemstone, and it is not easily scratched or chipped.

However, like all gemstones, it can be damaged if it is hit with a object that is harder or if it is exposed to harsh chemicals.

Even the hardest gemstones can lose their color and brilliant finish after extended water baths, and frequent soaking (like wearing the stone in the bath) can encourage fissures or even cleavage.

Extension sun exposure can also cause some gemstones to fade.

But in general, if you take care of the gemstone, keep it dry and shield it from extensive sun exposure, your amethyst should hold up nicely.

If your stone is set in metal or with other stones, learn about those materials and make sure the way you are wearing your stone (like bathing with it) will not damage those other materials.

Consider removing the stone from your hand if while cleaning if the amethyst gets exposed to chemicals or other cleaning products.

Amethyst Toxicity

Amethyst, like almost all crystals, is made up of minerals or other substances which could cause harm to the human body.

Amethyst, a member of the quartz family, is a hard material that is not soluble.

While amethyst might contain toxic minerals, it is extremely difficult for those dangerous materials to enter the human body in a form or in an amount to cause harm to a human.

In general, people only suffer from toxicity if they breathe ground up amethyst dust, or find a way to consume a significant amount of it, usually over an extended period of time.

Wearing an amethyst bracelet or other piece of jewelry will not cause physical harm due to toxicity.

Why Do People Question Whether It is Okay To Wear The Stone Every Day?

Some might argue that you should not wear amethyst every day because the wear would eventually cause damage to the stone.

We disagree, based upon the hardness of the stone and its other physical characteristics.

Most likely, the arguments come from the metaphysical side.

People disagree about the uses and benefits of amethyst.

Some people don’t believe amethyst offers any sort of benefit or healing, while others do.

And the ones that do often disagree about whatever benefit.

We don’t want to get into arguments about whether amethyst actually helps a person’s body, mind, spirit, luck, and more.

Instead, we’d recommend that, if you are concerned about the impact of amethyst on your life, that you wear the stone and pay close attention to your life.

In general, amethyst is associated with positive impacts (if there are any).

Try to establish a baseline before adding amethyst (meaning pay attention to your life before) and then watch what happens afterward.

Find out for yourself whether amethyst actually soothes you, calms, you, helps you sleep better, or provides any of the other positive impacts that are claimed.

We know of no reason on the physical or metaphysical side that would cause us to recommend against daily wear.

But you should wear what works for you (and not), and you should find out for yourself whether amethyst is good for your life.

Experiencing Negative Effects From Wearing Amethyst?

There could be several reasons for this.

One, there may be some other aspect of your life that is causing the negative impact, and the bad stuff is not the result of the amethyst.

Two, the material is not actually an amethyst. It could be a stone that has been synthetically altered to look like amethyst.

Three, you need to do some more work on yourself. This can include meditation, affirmations, even talk therapy. Feelings of being ‘down’ and ‘depression’ are not generally permanent conditions, and can be influenced (improved) by our actions.

Four, it could be that particular piece of amethyst. If you are sure the material is amethyst, consider swapping for a different piece to see if you feel differently.

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