Can Shungite Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

While it is common for people to put Shungite in water, it should be done with the understanding that shungite is a soft stone can can be damaged by extended soaking in water.

Let us explain.

Can Shungite Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

The Importance Of Hardness

In general, we don’t recommend that people soak their minerals, gems, crystals, or jewelry in water for extended periods of time.

Yes, we know this is common and that many people do it.

But water has been proven over and over to damage the finish of polished stones, change the exterior colors, dull them, cause a loss of luster, or even encourage rusting.

Water can also encourage the formation of fissures in the material, leading to unexpected breakage.

There are many reasons people choose to put their shungite in water (that we’ll explain below), but it should be done with the knowledge that shungite is a fairly soft stone.

It is only a 3-4 on the Moh’s hardness scale, which means that it can be susceptible to water damage if left in water for extended periods of time.

More About Shungite

Shungite has many uses, a few of which we will mention in this article, but none are as praised for as its powerful presence in water as this precious stone.

Many people believe that shungite can actually purify water. 

For centuries, Shungite has been used as a water purifier.

In addition, this material is also thought to have properties that fight against viruses and bacteria that can be found in water.

A study conducted back in 2018 showed that Shungite can be used as a filter to remove contaminating substances from water and organic pesticides.

In addition, in 2017, it was found that carbon in Shungite will get rid of radioactive compounds in water.

Shungite is an unusual black stone almost wholly made up of carbon. 

One of the main places it is found in is a village in Karelia, Russia, called Shunga. 

Authentic Shungite is a stone that is thought to be over a billion years old. 

Also, Russian scientists have studied authentic Shingite and believe it to be good for a person’s overall health.

However, only recently has information about this Shungite mineral reached the Western part of the world. 

They believe this mineral will heal a body from many different illnesses and diseases and aids in wound healing after surgery.

Beware of inauthentic Shungite that may be advertised on the market.  

They look identical to the genuine stones but are mined in India and China. 

Along with fullerenes, Shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table and could mix with almost all organic or inorganic substances.

Shungite has a wide variety of bactericidal properties and fights against bacterial cells, phages, and pathogenic saprophytes.

Shungite is used in many different ways, especially in water. 

Those who utilize this stone use it regularly to:

  • Infuse their water.  Shungite has been used throughout history to purge or purify water.  Consumers can purchase Shungite filters or simply place these powerful stones in water for a few days (typically two or three) to filter the water.
  • To make a fashion statement.  Shungite stones are used to make jewelry like pendants and beads.
  • As part of spiritual rituals, many use Shungite stones during meditation.  They lay them by their pillows when sleeping to improve rest and carry them in their pockets and in on-the-go bags because spiritually, they are believed to have healing properties in them.
  • Shungite has been used to create new conductive paints and fillers for plastic materials.  It has also been a property used in rubber, carbon black substitutes, composite materials, concrete, and bricks. In addition, Shungite is a property used in stuccoing plaster and asphalt and has been considered an excellent material for shielding off radio and electromagnetic radiation.

Many who use Shungite report that the stone can shield a person from EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions. 

Because of this, they will go to the extent of placing Shungite near an EMF source. 

Others place stones close to electronic devices such as microwaves and Wi-Fi routers to protect themselves and their family from EMFs.

These people reference a guide based on a 2003 study of Shungite, which reported that this stone shielded rats against electromagnetic extinction. 

Researchers subjected rats to ultraviolet B rays for at least two days.  

The rays damaged the skin of the rats and oxidated stress in their skin.  

Oxidative stress is a reactive oxygen molecule that damages healthy cells.

Then, for seven days, scientists applied a Shungite solution to the rat’s blemished skin.  

This decreased ROS production, inhibiting activation of proper immune responses and increased antioxidant enzymes.

As promising as the results may seem, it’s important to remember that the study was only done in mice, not humans.

Others feel the study is outdated and only worked because animals were the test subjects. 

This unusual theory supports researchers who believe more information needs to be discovered before honestly and confidently saying this has EMF benefits for humans.

This carbon-rich stone, Shungite, has been viewed as a reducer of inflammation and reliever of emotional stress.

According to reports, based on personal accounts rather than facts or research, Shungite is said to be excellent for eliminating stress. 

It is said that the mineral will soak up negative energy in the room and balance out a person’s emotions.

Though the medical benefits are still in question, water mixed with Shungite has been used for:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Gall Bladder problems
  • Pancreatic dysfunction
  • Asthma
  • Gastric issues
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Sore throat
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Allergies
  • Chronic inflammation

In theory, if Shungite certainly has anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties, it could be effective in helping with these conditions.

Again, the question was asked, can Shungite go in water? Of course, it can do that and so much more. Despite the beliefs about its many benefits, there is still more to discover about the Shungite stone.

Just remember that research is lacking to definitively back these theories up, and there is no clinical evidence right now to support the speculation that Shungite in water can help cure or at least treat these conditions.

Therefore, even though there is no harm in trying out Shungite stones for medical reasons, medical experts say it is safer to follow conventional medical practices for treatment instead.

If you are looking to purchase Shungite, it can be found at jewelry stores, natural health stores, and many sites online.

Be careful to do your due diligence in making sure any Shungite you consider purchasing is authentic.

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