Can Emerald Scratch Glass? (ANSWERED)

Yes, Emerald can scratch glass.

Let us explain why, and also give you more information about emeralds.

Can Emerald Scratch Glass? (EXPLAINED)

Emerald is a fantastic stone that has a vibrancy and color that are thrilling and gorgeous.

Emeralds are a gemstone that comes from the mineral beryl and that are rather hard on the Mohs scale.

Emerald is among some of the strongest when it comes to hardness, and it can scratch glass.

How Are Emeralds Formed?

True emeralds are green in color and are varying in clarity and in overall deepness of color.

Emeralds come from the mineral beryl and their overall green color is a result of chromium that is within the stone.

Emeralds tend to have a great deal of what are called inclusions.

Inclusions are things like veins or natural elements that make the stone a bit weaker than stones that do not have inclusions.

Up to 95% of all the emeralds in the world come from Columbia and the origin of the stone can affect the overall value of the stone.

The clarity, carat, color and cut of the emerald can also affect the overall price or value of the diamond.

Emeralds also come from Zambia, Egypt, Canada and other countries, but they are rarer than those that come from Columbia.

Emeralds are formed in hydrothermal veins in the Earths crust.

In order for an emerald to form, it has to be very hot, there needs to be water and there also needs to be beryl present.

Hot water is the leading element that helps with the formation of emeralds.

Emeralds change in price due to the overall size of the emerald, if there are any inclusions, the clarity and more.

Emeralds are graded on the four cs that have to do with the value of the stone.

They are graded on clarity, the cut, color and crystal of the stone.

The crystal refers to how clear the stone is and how transparent it is.

Cloudy emeralds are worth less.

Cut refers to how the stone is cut, clarity refers to the overall clearness of the stone and color refers to the actual color of the stone or how green it is.

Hardness of Emerald

An emerald ranks about 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which is rather hard. 

A diamond is the hardest mineral that exists, and it ranks a 10 on the Mohs scale.

This scale is used to help determine how hard a mineral is and how durable it is as well.

It is helpful to look at a few different types of stone and where they fall on the scale.

A diamond is a 10, corundum is 9, topaz is an 8, quartz is a 7 and so on.

The higher the number the harder the mineral is and the more durable it is in terms of daily wear, use and in terms of being made into jewelry.

An emerald is a 7.5 or an 8 on the Mohs scale, and they are very hard to scratch on their own.

This means that it is a great stone for use in jewelry and a great stone to use if the piece is going to be touched or used a great deal.

The harder the stone the more likely it is to be able to scratch glass or to scratch other items.

Emerald can scratch glass, but it may not cut the glass as a diamond would in other cases.

How to Determine if you Have a Fake Emerald

It is helpful to know what to look for if you are trying to determine if an emerald is real or not.

You first want to look and see if the stone has any inclusions.

Emeralds as a general rule almost all have inclusions.

If you have a very large stone that has absolutely no inclusions, it is a very rare stone if it is real.

If you are looking for an emerald, you want to make sure it has some inclusions to prove that it is natural and real.

Another thing to look for is if the stone sparkles or appears to have light within.

An emerald is not a stone that is going to sparkle.

Emeralds are not dull, but they do not have any sort of sparkle or any sort of fire within as some jewelers might talk about with other stones.

You also want to look at the condition of the stone, if it has chips and scratches and other wear, it is not likely to be a real emerald.

These stones are very hard and very durable, so they are not going to chip and wear easily.

You also want to consider the overall price of the emerald.

They are not super inexpensive.

They are not as expensive as some other stones such as diamonds, but they are not as inexpensive as a quartz or other crystal.

Emeralds are very durable, they are very hard, and they are gorgeous.

The Meaning Behind Emeralds

Emerald has long been seen as a symbol of both love and truth and has also been tied to the goddess Venus.

Emerald has also been seen as a stone that gives hope and love and that also helps to reveal the truths and future events that are still to come.

Emerald is a stone that has long been tied to truth and to love and in Rome was used as a stone that was also used for believed healing abilities and benefits that help their wearer to heal and to reveal their truth. 

Emeralds are a gorgeous stone that are great for adding to any collection or adding to any piece of jewelry that you might have.

Emeralds are going to last a very long time, they are great if you are looking for an heirloom stone that is going to help you to pass the stone down from generation to generation.

Emeralds are going to last, they are going to stay beautiful, and they are going to be a great addition to any collection and to any heirloom piece.

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