Can Black Obsidian Go In Water? (ANSWERED)

Yes! Overall, though we almost never recommend extended soaking, it is safe to put your Black Obsidian in water.

Let us explain.

Can Black Obsidian Go In Water? (EXPLAINED)

Obsidian is just hard enough.

It has a rating of between 5 and 6 according to the Mohs Scale.

You should take care though not to place your mineral in extreme hot or cold water, nor should you leave it in water for prolonged periods of time.

This is due to what the mineral is composed of.

Prolonged soaking of your Black Obsidian could break down the composition of the stone and damage it.

Types of Water to Use with Your Black Obsidian.

There are several types of water you can use for cleaning or charging your stone.

Depending on what you use your mineral for, you can use any variety of water.

Regular tap water may be used to cleanse your stone.

Use saltwater for cleansing your stone or charging its energies.

Crystals practitioners utilize “moon water” for enhancing the metaphysical benefits of the stone on a monthly basis.

While we don’t recommend gem water or elixirs, it is common for folks who believe in crystal healing to place the stone in a water bottle or Mason jar filled with spring water.

What is Black Obsidian?

Black Obsidian is composed of fire, water, and earth.

It is formed from the lava of volcanoes that has cooled rapidly.

The mineral is a shiny black color and glass-like with sharp edges.

When polished down, it becomes the smooth stone found in many stores and shops.

Because we have volcanoes worldwide, Black Obsidian can be found in many different locations.

Snow Obsidian is a variation of Black Obsidian that is also formed by quickly cooled lava.

Snow Obsidian is a shiny black color but has white minerals that are trapped inside the stone as its cooling down, giving it a snowflake-like appearance.

What is Black Obsidian Used for?

The strength of Black Obsidian has been known for centuries.

The mineral is considered to be stronger than metal.

It was used for forging tools and weapons.

As weapons, arrowheads and knives were made from the mineral.

In current times, it is still used as a cutting tool where delicate and precise incisions need to be made, including surgical knives.

People will use a number of Black Obsidian stones as decorations in their homes to with the goalof preventing negativity from gathering there.

Black Obsidian is also carried on one’s person in a medicine pouch or in a pocket to always have the energy of the stone available.

Black Obsidian as Jewelry

For those who believe, Black Obsidian is considered to be a powerful healing crystal.

It is said to prevent negativity and promote clarity.

Because of its beauty and purported healing powers, many people prefer to have their Black Obsidian in the form of jewelry.

You can find countless styles of necklaces, rings, and bracelets in stores and online.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can find Black Obsidian in its raw form, mainly for necklaces, or polished and formed for items such as rings or bracelets.

This mineral can be worn as a solitary piece or combined with other healing crystals for their strength.

Black Obsidian can be worn in silver, copper, or any other type of metal and is thought to work best with high-energy minerals.

A few examples of other crystals to use with Black Obsidian include Rhodizite, Phenacite,  Nirvana Quartz. Hematite, Garnet, and Sandstone are also excellent choices to combine with your Black Obsidian.

The Properties of Black Obsidian

Physical Properties: In its rough form, Black Obsidian is dark yet very shiny.

Its edges are extremely rough and sharp, but it does have smooth areas within its perimeters.

Black Obsidian can be purchased in either its rough, natural form or polished and formed, thus eliminating the sharp edges.

Metaphysical Properties: This is where Black Obsidian is most common in current times.

The healing powers of this gemstone are thought to be quite powerful.

It is a favorite for healing negativity and known for revealing truths.

It is said to help with gaining clarity of situations, focus, and grounding.

Many people will have Black Obsidian as décor in their homes to help absorb any bad energies that come their way.

This crystal is also thought to for offer protection and nurturing to people in the home and is felt to clear any obstacles that stand in the way of success.

People use Black Obsidian to clear their auras and to help connect with their third eye chakra.


The Black Obsidian can vary in price depending on the quality of the stone, the reputation of the seller, and whether it is being purchased from an online store or a gem show.

Jewelry varies widely depending on the type of item being bought, the metals surrounding the stone, and if there are other crystals combined.

On average, you can buy a Black Obsidian stone starting at $2.00, and jewelry can run into the hundreds of dollars.

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