Blue Scheelite: Identification, Uses, and Meaning

Blue scheelite is a gorgeous blue crystal known for its resemblance to the ocean because of its dark blue and white lines.

It is thought to bring clarity in dark situations and inspire the people who keep it nearby.

The remainder of this article will discuss what blue scheelite is and how to identify it.

It will also discuss distinguishing blue scheelite from other stones like lapis lazuli or blue calcite.

What is Blue Scheelite?

Blue Scheelite is a rare blue and white crystal made of calcite, scheelite, and blue dolomite.

In its purest form, blue scheelite is called Lapis lace onyx.

It is blue and cloudy white; the blue color comes from blue dolomite, and the white is from calcite.

Depending on the amount of these elements, the stone’s color may vary.

Where Can You Find Blue Scheelites?

Blue scheelite are rare rocks only found in certain areas in Turkey.

They are difficult to obtain and highly sought-after because of their beauty.

Blue scheelite is also a rare stone to obtain because of the metaphysical energy these rocks are believed to exude.

The encouragement to grow and the positive energy they emit is something that many people desire from stones.

The rarity of this stone means that blue scheelite is priced higher than others.

The beautiful blue scheelite is considered to be worth the cost.

How To Identify Blue Scheelite

You can identify blue scheelite by its blue color and wavy pattern.

The colors repeat dark blue, white, and blue until reaching a massive white build-up resembling foam on the beach.

If your stone does not have these white or gray calcite rings, that indicates it is not blue scheelite. 

The more dolomite in blue scheelite, the darker blue the stone will be.

When blue scheelite has excess calcite, there is more white in the rock.

The coloration of the rock indicates how much of the minerals are in the stone.

How Is Blue Scheelite Different From Other Stones?

Blue scheelite is often confused with other stones because of its ambiguous appearance.

The blue striped pattern is similar to many other rocks because of its calcite and scheelite mixture.

However, there are several ways to identify this stone and differentiate it from others. 

Common stones that are mistaken for blue scheelite include: 

  • Zoisite
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Sapphire
  • Blue calcite
  • Turquoise 

The easiest way to tell the difference between blue scheelite and these stones is the shape of the lines.

Blue scheelite’s white calcite lines look like clouds, with bubbly whisps on the sides.

These cloudy white and gray lines wrap around the whole rock, creating whole lines.

How To Use Blue Scheelite

The beautiful and rare stone has many purposes, but the most notable use of blue scheelite is to exercise your throat and crown chakras during meditation practices.

However, not everyone who enjoys this beautiful stone likes to partake in meditation.

The blue scheelite makes a great fashion accessory and much more.

The stone is said to be highly inspiring, bringing many artists to surround themselves with it in one way or another.

Use blue scheelite in meditation

Working daily with blue scheelite while meditating is thought to improve your throat and crown chakras.

Improving these chakras is thought to increase your vocality, creativity, positive thinking, and more.

Using crystals in meditation is considered a powerful tool in daily life and different types of meditation. 

Blue scheelite is believed to be great when meditating for clarity and a sense of direction.

Regularly using blue scheelite in meditation is though to exercise your crown and throat chakras and make communication easier.

Meditating with blue scheelite is said to influence your creative side and help you see things much more clearly.

Like all other stone-meditation practices, it is recommended that you state your intention when meditating with blue scheelite.

Blue scheelite is great for influencing verbalization.

If you intend to use it as a meditation tool to promote this, you should state your intention so you do not stray to other thoughts.

Wear blue scheelite

It is thought that you are more likely to communicate your feelings well if you wear a piece of blue scheelite around your neck.

Many people love blue scheelite’s intricately layered pattern and bright blue appearance.

People will use this stone in jewelry, but it is not very common to see because of its rarity.

Instead, people use blue stones that are easier to obtain, like blue calcite or turquoise.

People suggest wearing blue scheelite around your neck or on headbands to promote Chakra healing.

Use blue scheelite as inspiration.

Blue scheelite resembles a cloudy sky or windy ocean, making it a great inspiration for creatives.

Keeping this rock in your household is great for looking upon when you need some inspiration in your daily life.

It is thought to promote creativity and can be great for people who need a push in the right direction. 

Blue scheelite is said to be a good stone for influencing good decision-making and clear thinking.

It is though to help you see clearer and encourage you to make better choices with greater awareness.

Meaning of Blue Scheelite

Blue scheelite is said to be a healing crystal that symbolizes seeing the bigger picture.

It is believed to open your eyes, bringing clarity to your life.

Imagine the many white rings in the rock as angry waves, breaking away into a still ocean.

In the middle of the chaos, you might see something clearly!

Blue scheelite is thought to activate the crown and throat chakras to promote creative and verbal expression.

It is said to help you think clearly in compromising situations and use good judgment when making decisions.

Surrounding yourself with an inspiring stone like blue scheelite could promote internal conversation, encouraging you to make bold moves and speak up for yourself. 


Blue scheelite is an incredible blue and white scheelite stone you can use in meditation or as a passive aid around the house, in your wardrobe, and more.

It is a gorgeous stone with a gorgeous appearance that many creatives love to keep nearby for inspiration.

Although the stone has a similar appearance to other stones, it is easy to decipher because of its cloudy rings.

Blue scheelite is a beautiful stone that can provide clarity in grim situations.

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