Cleaning Agates with Iron Out: A Beginner’s Guide

Agates can be a challenge to clean up. You might find them covered or stained, and no amount of scrubbing with a brush will make take off the bad rust staining and make them look good. In this article, we’ll cover cleaning agates with Iron Out, at a beginner’s level. Cleaning Agates with Iron Out … Read more

How To Go Rockhounding: Answer These 3 Questions Before You Set Out

If you Google “rockhounding,” you will see a variety of articles, forums, and tools, which might make rockhounding seem technical or difficult. The truth is that learning how to go rockhounding is much simpler. In this article, we’ll cover the three main questions you need to answer to get started rockhounding. How To Go Rockhounding … Read more

Rockhounding Tools for Beginners: A Get Started Guide

Rockhounding tools for beginners will depend heavily upon the type of rock/mineral/gem hunting or collecting they are currently or planning on engaging in. In some cases, there are no rockhounding tools for beginners needed to collect beautiful agates and jaspers. But if you are feeling like investing in some tools, here’s what we would recommend. … Read more