Geodes in Alaska: A Guide To the 6 Most Likely Places To Find Them

Alaska is a beautiful state with a range of landscapes, and these landscapes offer mountains of minerals. The art of looking for geodes (rockhounding) is a beginner’s way to find minerals from geodes in Alaska. Geodes in Alaska (A Visitor’s Guide) Disclaimer The information provided in this article by is for informational purposes and … Read more

Emeralds in Connecticut: A Guide To 3 Likely Places To Find Them

In the United States, there are very few emeralds.  Since the late 1800s, North Carolina has been known as the hotspot for mining them. But the Connecticut state has always been home to many minerals, including emeralds too.  Emeralds in Connecticut (Let’s Learn More) Thanks to Connecticut’s igneous and metamorphic rocks, in this state, you will … Read more

Types of Rocks Found In The Badlands: A Definitive Guide

The Badlands. A surrealistic landscape of rocky terrain, colors, and unique moonscapes. Not only are there many incredible vistas, but a veritable playground for rockhounds. And what rock types are to be discovered is a fantastic array of choices. Read further to learn the various rock types to be found and become excited for your … Read more

Does Alcohol Dissolve in Water? (ANSWERED)

Yes, some alcohols dissolve in water. Does Alcohol Dissolve in Water? (EXPLAINED) However, some variations of alcohol do not dissolve in water based on the way their chemical compounds attract or repel water. This has to do with their polarities and the amounts of carbon chains and OH groups that make them up.  The remainder … Read more

3 Types of Rocks Found In Alberta, Canada

The Earth is home to many unique metals and precious stones. In this article, we’ll be looking at three kinds of minerals you can find in Alberta, Canada. Types of Rocks Found In Alberta, Canada (EXPLAINED) Ammolite One aspect that Alberta is known for is being home to several fossils that paleontologists use to unravel … Read more