Are Agates Worth Anything? (Yes, But…)

When wondering, are agates worth anything, the answer is they are beautiful and meaningful stones, but their market value is typically low.

This is a stone that is most commonly used as jewelry, but rarely as a valuable item with a high market value.

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Are Agates Worth Anything? (EXPLAINED)

What is Agate?

Agate is a type of quartz stone that offers a variety of colors and appearances.

It can be translucent, or show as a pattern of color with some inclusions that give the stones a variety of appearances.

It is formed from volcanic rock, largely in metamorphic rocks that change over time. 

Agate forms from silica deposits that find their way into igneous and metamorphic rock.

Agate will form around the pocket and it does so in a myriad of beautiful layers.

It is the groundwater that brings in the silica deposits.

With each fresh influx of groundwater comes the silica.

Layers upon layers are created and the result is a banded pattern of agate.

As such, you will see that every agate stone is uniquely different from the other.

You will never see two pieces of it in jewelry or semi-precious loose stones that look identical.

That is one characteristic of agate that gives it a unique value.

Agate has a long history in the world.

It is a strong stone and once was used in the seals of the warriors of the Greek.

Greece is where it has come from in its day.

Agate was named after the River Achates in ancient Greek between the fourth and third centuries B.C. 

Why are agates so special?

One key reason is that agate has also been discussed in the Bible, and was one of the original 12 stones of Aaron’s breastplate.

With over 2.3 billion Christians in the world, agate would carry some spiritual and sentimental value. 

Agate comes in a wide range of colors.

That is because it is composed of a number of different minerals and elements including nickel, iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, and additional trace elements.

These are strong stones that can withstand jewelry manufacturing and stand out as a beautiful piece on its own.

While there was a lot of agate found in Greece and named after the River Achates, agate is now found all over the world.

Its most common locations are Brazil, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Are Agates Worth Money?

If you are wondering, are agates worth money, the answer is typically no.

Of course, they have a market value, however that value reflects the cost of the labor and craftsmanship that goes into making the piece of agate a work of art. 

Most agate is relatively affordable by the average consumer.

There are a number of different kinds of agate.

The most expensive agate would be fire agate and lace agate.

These are agates with a finer layer of banding and deeper hues.

Fire agate has a luminescence to it that can’t be found in other agates.

This is where it gets the name fire agate.

It is a red and brown shade, seen often with multiple layers of color.

These are also older agates and considered among the most expensive agate as the older stones from the explosions of volcano are exquisite. 

Lace agate is among the most expensive agates as it is rarer than fire agates or other kinds of agate.

Its swirls and layers of banding are unique and give it its name of lace agate. Lace agate is available in many colors, but is most often found in blue hues.

Agate Value: Why Are Agates So Special?

When you are wondering, are agates worth anything, the answer is going to be a yes by agate admirers all over the world.

There is a strong sentimental value to them, and their beauty is revered as each stone and each piece is promised to be unique.

This is why they are so special to many.

To answer the question, are agates worth anything completely, the value of the stone in the market should be examined.

In the world of gems, that is measured through weights and clarity. 

Weight is the first way that agates are measured, as is the case with every stone.

Agates are sold in two forms, in rough form and tumbled form. For all gems, weight is measured in carats.

Generally speaking, agates cost approximately $25 per carat.

Clarity is the next factor that goes into determining the value of agate.

When there are spots or marks inside a stone, it is considered to be clear or have a good clarity.

These are called inclusions. 

Some agates will have inclusions, and some will not.

Certain kinds of agates, such as moss agates, plume, and dendritic have some inclusions.

In the marketplace, this only adds to their beauty and value, and they are not valued and priced on clarity.

The color of a gem is another variable that plays into its value.

For agates, they have a banding that defines their colors and names.

It is the banding in their color formation that determines their values.

Agates that are more fiery in hues, such as the oranges and reds will have a higher price.

Blue agates and white agates are also higher in value.

Agates that are darker in colors in the grey family of shades will have a lower value. 

The cut of an agate is the other method in which agates are valued.

Agates that have been worked on will be higher in price, as the labor costs will be valued into the market costs.

So a smoother and rounder agate will be more expensive than one that is in rock form, or has jagged lines and sharp edges.

The rareness of an agate will also determine its market value.

Fire agates and lace agates are the rarest agates to find, and thus the more expensive. 

Buy Agates Today

When you are wondering, are agates worth anything, the answer will be yes.

Agates do not have the market value of stones such as diamonds or emeralds, but they have a worth and value that is both in beauty and market value.

They are not expensive stones to purchase, but they have a significance that has stood the test of time.

Purchase agates today, as each stone is a one of a kind purchase that you will never regret.

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