Aegirine vs Black Tourmaline: What Are They, And What’s The Difference?

Aegirine and Black Tourmaline are often mistaken for one another, but they are not the same.

Knowing the difference between these stones can help you determine what is right for your purpose and help you choose the stone you are ultimately looking for.

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know to tell the difference between aegirine and black tourmaline.

Aegirine vs Black Tourmaline (EXPLAINED)

What Is Aegirine?

Aegirine is dark in color, it is rare, and it is formed from sodium iron silicate material.

This stone is most often found in volcanic rock, where it is formed.

It can be found in the United States, Russia, Canada and South Africa and was originally named for the Scandinavian god of the sea after it was first discovered in Norway.

This is not a particularly hard stone, it only has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 6 depending on what other minerals are present in the stone.

These crystals generally grow in points or peaks and are gorgeous and fantastic for meditating and for display as well.

It is thought that this stone is able to work with humans on the spiritual, physical and emotional levels.

It is believed that this stone helps to create a barrier of protection between people that are holding it and negative energy that might be surrounding them.

It also helps to ward of negative energy, physical attacks and psychic attacks.

It is believed that by wearing this you are going to feel better, you are going to feel joy, happiness and you are going to have less stress and anxiety.

This stone is often used in meditation and practitioners use it for personal healing as well.

Aegirine is often used by crystal healers to help heal metabolic system issues, muscle pain, and even to help with nerve damage repair.

It also used to try and help with sensitivity to cell phone or internet vibrations that might be unnerving you or causing your body to go out of balance.

What Is Black Tourmaline?

This stone is very similar to Aegirine in color and physical shape.

It is very black and inky and is a gorgeous stone overall.

There are plenty of other colors of tourmaline but the black is the most beautiful and rare.

This crystal is a borosilicate mineral that comes mainly from South America and gets its black color from the other minerals that are present in the stone.

Titanium, iron and manganese are responsible for making the black tourmaline stone inky and black.

Black tourmaline has a Mohs hardness of 7 but it can be changed with mechanical pressure and with chemical pressure as well.

This is a stone that can be changed fundamentally with heat and the application of high heats.

This stone, when heated, does change chemically.

Since black tourmaline is inert, it is not going to change in color over time making it a great stone for jewelry or for display as it is not going to change in looks.

Black tourmaline is often part of what crystal enthusiast call a grounding box.

The presence of iron, a very base and grounded mineral, makes it an essential part of any grounding box.

Black tourmaline is thought to help protect and to make you feel protected, it is also thought to help ground the person using it.

It is also thought to help protect from negative energy, protect from EMFs that are emitted from cell phones and internet towers, and also help with creating a protective barrier that helps the user feel calm and positive.

This stone is also thought to help with circulation, reducing the negative imprints that we feel every day, supporting your organ function and the body as a whole, and also helping to improve and speed up healing of the mind and the body.

This stone is also thought to help block negative emanations, negative energy, and protect the wearer or user from physical and psychic attacks that might be leveled at them.

It is considered to be a tether for negative energy and is thought to help protect the person using it from negative energies that they might be dealing with.

Believers use it to assist with anxiousness, nervousness, and pain.

It is thought to also help root your chakra and help you make decisions and be less self-conscious.

It is also thought to help get rid of detrimental tendencies and patterns that you might be dealing with and that you are stuck in.

Aegirine vs Black Tourmaline

These stones are very similar and are often mistaken for one another due to their coloring and their structure.

These stones are both hard, they are both grounded stones and they are both wards against negativity and against psychic harm.

The main reason that these stones are mistaken for one another is that they do look very similar.

Tourmaline is often mistaken for other stones as well since it does come in a range of colors and shapes.

They are very similar in physical looks and can be easily mistaken for one another.

They are also both very similar in what they do for the body and the mind and they are both great stones to consider if you are looking to get into crystals.

Different Histories of Tourmaline and Aegirine

Tourmaline was first discovered in the 1500s by Spanish explorers in Brazil, they thought that they had found emeralds and this thought would prevail until the 1800s when the stone was further researched and it was found that it was not emerald.

This stone does resemble emerald when you find the green variation.

Aegirine was first discovered the 1800s and was named for the Scandinavian god of the sea.

This stone was not widely used at the time but the people that discovered it did see it for its beauty and recognized that it was a new stone that was unique and beautiful.

Both of these stones are stunning and both have their own unique properties that set them apart from other stones.

These are both dark, deep colored stones that are meant to help ground the person using them and to help ward off negative energy and forces that might be affecting the user.

How to Identify Each

When it comes to identification, it is harder to determine if something is black tourmaline than you might imagine.

Since this stone does come in a ton of different colors, it is often mistaken for other gemstones.

You want to first look at the providence of the stone.

Where it came from and originated can help you to better determine what sort of stone it is.

You may then need to consider what the structure of the stone is.

These stones are very linear they are going to have distinct lines and they are very straight in nature.

They are also often very rigid and hard.

Another thing to look for is color.

A black tourmaline stone is going to be very deep and very rich in color with no inclusions and no other color variations.

With Aegirine, you want to look mainly for color and structure.

These stones are peaked and are often very rigid and sharp.

They are linear and they do grow in crystal bunches.

This crystal grows up and out from the bunch and is going to look like what you would expect from a typical crystal structure.

These are both gorgeous stones that can be a fantastic addition to your collection or can be made into stunning jewelry or display pieces.

You can find these stones from reputable dealers and you can find them in many healer shops across the internet.

These are both great stones that do get mistaken for one another often but that are seemingly different and unique stones in and oft themselves.

Both stones are gorgeous and knowing which is which can make a big difference.

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